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Looking back on my 10 year long career as a software engineer, it is difficult to say that I chose to switch to HR activities at one specific point.

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The IT&C domain suffers so much from lack of skilled engineers and technologists, that HR good practices need to be quickly rooted into the DNA of any tech company that wishes to have a longer than average lifespan.

Every employee plays a role in terms of employer branding: what he/she says about the projects, the company and the products is quickly picked up by the communities (online and offline) and amplified.
Beyond and excellent candidate experience, companies now strive to offer an excellent employee experience, because they have realized that the “recruitment process” never stops.

After interviewing more than 250 candidates for technical positions inside projects I was leading in the semiconductor industry, after hiring and on boarding more than 40 of them, I saw one of my projects ramping down and I was confronted with the very difficult decision of letting some of my colleagues leave the company we were working for. This is when I decided that I would work more on:

  1. Creating the right candidate experience for IT professionals: a recruitment process that immediately puts candidates in touch with their future colleagues and the technical environment and challenges. While most IT professionals and telecom engineers are not natural born speakers, they do have the ability of “speaking” Java, .NET or C++ at a level which allows them to immediately connect with their peers.
  2. Transforming this candidate experience into an employee experience that confirms what the company is selling during the recruitment phase, by creating a framework for continuous learning and growth in the IT domain.
  3. Better decision making in terms of technical team management. Harvesting the potential of your colleagues involves using the right set of tools, with the right mindset, while taking advantage of the constant opportunities around you.

With all this in mind, in October 2014, I became CEO of an IT&C Recruitment Agency & Software Editor. I had worked with this company on several occasions (as a customer). I always appreciated their creativity, their fresh approach and their efforts to understand the technical requisites of the recruitment projects, instead of just looking after keywords in candidates’ CVs. Also, I knew that it was making consistent efforts to gain traction on the IT competency evaluation segment.

Our team believes that we have found a recipe for bridging the gap between HR and tech professionals, enabling our customers to leverage the right talent and intellectual resources of each team member.


Test01Coder is the tool we have developed based on more than 6 years of our own experience in IT recruitment. It allows companies to pre-qualify the IT&C candidates they will see in interviews, focusing on the unique requirements for each tech job. Besides a catalog of more than 450 quiz and coding exercises, we offer the possibility to build custom tests, to organize online competitions and events, to validate what new employees are learning after they have been integrated.

  • More than 70,000 IT professionals have already taken tests in our ecosystem.
  • 140,000 tests have been taken and 3,000,000 questions answered.


For me personally, it is a huge opportunity to discover not only what a day in a recruiter’s life looks like, but to measure how digital tools accelerate and improve HR processes in any company: our customers vary from start-ups with very specific needs to large companies with ambitious ramp-up plans.

This experience perfectly complements the previous work I have done and while I might be new to HR, HR is not exactly new to me.

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Marius Istrate
Project director and Product Manager for Pentalog's largest customers in the telecom sector, Marius has contributed to the strengthening of Pentalog's presence on the US market. His experience in ramping up large IT teams for customers across various domains has enabled him to gain a valuable insight regarding the digitalization of the recruitment process and he now contributes in order to enhance the roadmap of Test01Coder. Marius also enables new partnerships with recruitment agencies, job boards, software publishers and MOOCs providers, extending Test01Coder's current network of affiliates and resellers across the globe.
Marius Istrate

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