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Get Global

After three busy and fun days at the HRM Expo #zp15 in Cologne, an article by Forbes writer Glen Llopis came to mind “Get on a plane and get in the game”.

The key message – if you want to drive high performance in a today’s global market, you need to compete on an international scale. Glen stresses the value of learning globally, urging business leaders to;

join your local Rotary Club or another business organization that has connections with international business leaders. Learn how those international leaders operate. Ask a lot of questions, respect their culture and get connected.

Even if you cannot leave the country, exploit your access to technology and join international webinars (check out New To HR’s), forums and online discussions. Do not forget this tactic is useful when sourcing out your competitors too, if you have a good idea of how they drive performance in their business, you can contrast it against your own methods and assess who is developing faster and better.

New To HR was able to speak to a number of (keynote) speakers on their topic area, please view their amazing conversations all highlighting that the performance dynamic of your workplace is more important than ever before in today’s global office. For a people engine to run smoothly, all the parts must work together, and one must remember to influence and encourage the workforce for high performance in order to drive innovation in your organization.

Chris Roebuck – Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School, London  shows you what super performance gets from people, how it can be applied to what your organisation really needs. It’s proven to work, costs nothing and you can start with it tomorrow. It not only maximises performance, delivering up to 30% extra effort from 60% of people, but also helps you manage risk, deliver better customer service, build the brand, innovate, improve and be efficient and cost conscious.

Jef Staes – Author, Guest Lecturer and TEDx Speaker shares with #NewToHR how the world is changing faster and faster as the need for sustainable and disruptive innovation has never been higher. Both schools, organizations, companies and regions have to adapt to this new world and need to increase their power to learn and innovate dramatically. We have to boldly go for disruptive business innovation powered by disruptive culture innovation.

Heiko Fischer Chief TroublemakeRH at Resourceful Humans GmbH shares with #NewToHR how the best HR is no HR , or better said, there is no need for HR! Is this attitude a viable option for the personnel function, to enable the future of work, but also to create?  What can be achieved with a democratic framework and social technology, a state of 100 % Entrepreneurship and 0% Bureaucracy?

Gerry Crispin – Principal & Chief Navigator, CareerXroads® and Talentboard is one of the “fathers” of the Candidate Experience [recruitment], and he introduces #NewToHR to the (still very young) history, past, present and future of the Candidate Experience. He also highlights the negative vs. positive, plus guides you through the current status quo of the Candidate Experience.

Peter Zoller –  Founder & CEO, Care.com Europe GmbH shared with #NewToHR how it is time to take demographic changes seriously and support each employee in order to retain them! We all know that reconciliation of work and family life plays a big role, as it is vital to meet employees’ needs. With the motto “You get everything you want, if you help people to get what they want” Peter’s short knowledge bite will provide concrete measures to motivate and retain your staff.

Peter Palme – Senior International Change & Organization Manager at the Carlsberg Group shares with #NewToHR how high-end quality of education is increasingly being freely available on the Internet. More and more employees are using MOOCs for their professional and personal development. Is corporate learning now replaced in the organisation by educational competition online? Does the open access to learning resources leads to the hacking of education? Educational hacking represents the search for a much smarter and faster way to acquire knowledge, but what does this mean for Corporate Learning?

Drs. Ger Driesen – CEO / Leadership & Learning Consultant at the Challenge Leadership Development Academy shares with #NewToHR his insights on the 7 principles that Van Gogh applied to reach an extraordinary level of artistic mastery and productivity. Vincent van Gogh worked as an artist only for a decade. In those 10 years he managed to produce 840+ paintings and 1000+ sketches having almost no formal training as artist at all. How did he manage to be so productive and at the same time reach an extraordinary level of mastery?

To build a high performance culture to drive innovation in the global workplace, you must prepare your leaders. Failing to influence this among your talent base is not only detrimental to the organization, it is detrimental to their own personal growth and career progression!

The global marketplace is allowing us to go further than we ever have before, so make sure your company is ready.

(c)  New To HR.

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Nicole Le Maire

Nicole Le Maire

Global People Advisor at New To HR
People are important, whether you like it or not. That is where I come in, it is my work and passion to improve your business, people and... bottom-line. My job is to help you and offer people insights in a transparent and understandable way. My diverse international (35+ countries) management and HR experience spans from start-ups to established organisations advising them through their stages of creation, growth, and stabilisation.

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  1. So cool to get a taste of the HRMExpo #zp15! Thanks for sharing all the awesome videos. I love getting advice from experts in the field.

  2. What a great lineup of speakers! Thanks for sharing the info of each speaker and their videos. I definitely agree that influencing and encouraging your workforce is hugely important for developing high performance and innovation.

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