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The competition for the very best candidates has intensified; the job market is now very much candidate led, so internal recruiters and recruitment agencies alike are investing heavily in promoting employer brands in order to entice the very best applicants to work for them.

Building a talent pool of passive candidates is important, but this takes long term effort and might not deliver the instant results sometimes needed in a recruitment drive.

A candidate matching solution can complement an existing talent pool and job advertisements on a job board as part of a holistic recruitment strategy. Candidate matching solutions work by taking keywords and phrases from a job advertisement on a job board, considering the meaning and context, before scoring CVs in the job board’s database based on strength of match. The internal recruiter can then proactively contact the candidate, without the need for waiting for candidates to apply, or reviewing irrelevant CVs.

The human factor is hugely important to employer branding, the brand must be consistent, coherent and give compelling reasons to work for the company. It is important that the job advertisements set out to win the hearts of potential employers, as well as working for the candidate matching solution. Because candidate matching solution work by considering the meaning, the job advertisement should not differ much from the traditional ingredients of a good job advert.

Use a an enticing job title

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression’ is the old adage which rings true when it comes to the headline in your job advert. Internally, your company may know a role as something very specialist. Whilst a candidate matching solution will treat the phrases equally and list relevant candidates, a specialist job title will narrow down potential applications from active jobseekers.

A good example is a role we recently advertised for ‘energy advisors’. The client preferred energy sector experience but it was not important; the role was more of a customer service role.

By changing the job title to ‘customer service advisors, energy’, there were more applicants and the candidate matching solution still matched suitable candidates.

Keep the advert language natural

Gone are the days of stuffing a job advertisement with keywords, to the point that it no longer made sense, in an effort to appear at the top of the search listings. Candidate matching solutions work in a similar manner to Google by considering semantics, that is context and meaning, so keep to a naturally written advert about the role, responsibilities and person specification and it will make perfect sense to potential applicants too.

Sell your employer brand

Here is your chance to tell potential employees why your company is such a great place to work. It will really catch the attention of the active applicants and encourage them to apply. Talk about the career progression opportunities, the office environment and social opportunities. Include your company values; the candidate matching solution might even pick up a candidate who shares those values.

Talk about the rewards

Give even more reasons for applicants to apply and talk about the perks of the job; from gym memberships, charity events, team socials and free fruit, to going home early on a Friday and health insurance. All will give potential applicants even more reason to pick your company over the competitors.

Give a call to action

Include application deadlines and details how to apply. If you are hosting an open day or Twitter Q&A, include that too.

A candidate matching solution is a great way to quickly identify relevant candidates to invite in for interview, for example for mass recruitment drives or urgent to fill roles. However for some specialist roles, particularly in scientific and IT, the ability to drill down for specific skills and knowledge is still important, for which a Boolean search in a traditional CV searching would be useful.

When considering whether to use a candidate matching solution or a CV search, think of the kind of role you are recruiting for and whether a candidate matching solution or a CV search would work best for your recruitment strategy.

Ultimately, whether you use a candidate matching solution or not, a well crafted job advert can win over the best applicants.

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  1. I’ve found that there’s a large overlap with putting out job ads and optimizing websites for traffic. Essentially you have to get in the head of the searcher and think of what keywords they will use to find your job. From there it’s just a matter of writing those keywords in an intelligent manner that makes sense. Good work!

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