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Why HR really is only about PEOPLE. 97

 Series: To be a Human (Resource) or not?

Are you at the crossroads in your career or education wondering whether to consider Human Resources (commonly referred to as HR) as your first or next career? Have you wondered what working in or studying HR would be like in this and next generation?

Post By One of New To HR ColleguesIn this three part series, you will find out about:

1. what HR Courses commonly don’t offer;
2. what is exciting about HR as a career now and in the future;
3. why HR is really only about PEOPLE but technology and process play a very exciting role in this career.

Series 3: (Why) HR is really only about PEOPLE but technology and process play a very exciting role in this career.

To answer this question for you, I started with asking myself “Why I HR and or HR Technology and processes?” and then I asked all my colleagues (over 200 people) working in the same or related industry the same question. After all, it is what this article is all about so why just take my word for it!

The resounding answer was love for people and to see people grow.

Need I say more?

But if you still need any further motivation to consider working in this industry the other reasons stated are cited below.

The theme across all of them is people!

1. helping people and related technology;
2. harnessing human capital;
3. interacting with different (kinds of) people;
4. fascinated by motivation, engagement, and development of people;
5. learning new things;
6. love for technology;
7. disrupting the industry and providing a ROI (return on investment) to business owners, CEOs and managers;
8. having so much fun & getting a huge kick from all nice feedback from people about how they benefit from (our) technology;
9. bridging the gap between people, performance and organisational goal;
10. showing how better leadership and treating people well produces improved performance;
11. improving workplaces, seeing people grow and feel more confident at work;
12. helping people be their best and HR technology helps connecting them, solving problems, making things easier;
13. constant problem solving;
14. HR technology is brilliant: it improves hiring processes, skills & outcomes; and saves (our) clients loads of money;
15. helping others dramatically increase their positive impact on organizations and the world;
16. leading talent/performance/engagement and impact technology is having on this and its influence on future/digital workplace;
17. playing a direct and important part in the lives of others as we spend more time at work than we do at home;
18. license to spread your intellectual / professional / spiritual net right across work and people;
19. helping people find their dream job;
20. technology can change lives and people/HR are fascinating;
21. HR and HR technology are the key drivers for successful businesses of the future – simple as that!
22. supporting people

If you want to know more about what HR careers are on offer, it is really easy, just check out Jobs in HRIf you have any questions or comments about this article, please do get in touch with Juhi King or read Juhi’s great HR Blog.

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