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HR Systems… It is not really scary 95

I got into HR in 1980 from a finance background – it seemed like a good idea at the time…

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Four years later, the same company asked me to computerize the payroll, which at that time was on a manual Kalamazoo system. From that point on, I always seemed to get work related to HR or payroll software on the basis that I “knew about that software stuff”.

Bear in mind the only line of code I have ever written was on a Sinclair Spectrum truly back in the mists of Time, so I truly do not qualify as a geek (I hope).

What I grasped quite quickly was how these software programmes (Human Resources Information Software – HRIS for short) should have taken much of the drudgery out of the various administrative activities, and I picked it up – about ten seconds after that – that it wasn’t actually happening out there for a multitude of reasons.

Since becoming an independent specialist with the HRmeansbusiness consultancy, I have worked with a very varied series of clients within the sectors: public (Local authorities, Higher and Further Education, Housing, BBC) and private (Automotive, Retail, Public Relations, Music, Breweries and Publishing) to name a selection.

Over many years I have tracked and examined a fair number of systems and met many personnel from the software vendor companies, and through my consultant activities, I also met a lot of people who didn`t seem to have had good experiences from their software, so I am in a good position to figure out why, and – more importantly – how the pitfalls can be avoided.

In later years I kicked off HRcomparison as a very valuable aid to people looking for HRIS; as well as helping them to compile short and long lists by comparing products and their functionality and features, there is also a useful treasury of White Papers and articles to boost knowledge in the area.

This knowledge is certainly needed, as the whole HRIS arena up to a few years ago was the domain of IT, and HR and payroll often had very little say in the matter.

And now New to HR will be bringing you more help in the shape of a webinar and bootcamp that we have put together aimed specifically for HR Specialists who want to get it right.

Yes, it can be viewed as a formidable challenge, it will be a big spend – maybe one of the biggest you will make in your HR role – but our point is that preparing thoroughly and knowing what you want, and what the organisation needs will take you a long way along the path of a successful choice and implementation.

This workshop will cover key areas such as:

  • What HRIS can do and why we need it,
  • Making a viable business case for having it
  • Preparing for the selection process
  • Selecting from the contenders
  • A project overview

If you are aiming to attend, and have particular issues you would like us to cover, we would certainly be interested in hearing from you as part of our bootcamp surgery. I look forward to seeing you at one of the webinars and/or bootcamps.

(c) New To HR.

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Having worked in the Corporate sector, first in a Financial capacity (Professional Credit Manager) and in senior Human Resources positions, in 2000 I co-founded - HRmeansbusiness Ltd, a company dedicated to bringing exclusively business-focused HR expertise to the market place, for organisations of any size. HRcomparison Ltd launched on 15th June 2009, the first full-blown HRIS comparison site in the UK.

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