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HR Tech and Leadership: The Way to Succeed 69

In the past few years, I have been facilitating and leading People Teams and HR teams in defining their technology strategy, execution roadmap and then helping them through the implementation of those initiatives.

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 In this process, the most important requirement to succeed is the presence of Leadership.

I am not talking about a Steering Committee or a CHRO or Head of….

I am talking about an ever-presence of leadership at all levels in these functions and organisations. This is the lynch pin to success, it really makes or breaks the outcome.

I am happy to share my expertise and experience with you as I have been invited to speak as a guest and facilitate a webinar for New To HR.

I will be highlighting the following areas during my interactive webinar session: 

  • WHY is this so important?
  • HOW do organisations make sure they cultivate a leadership culture?
  • WHEN should they start?
  • WHERE should they start?
  • WHAT will happen if organisations ignore this?

I welcome any questions from you on this exciting topic, in advance or during the webinar.

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Juhi King

IT Project Manager, Blogger at HR Tech Girl
Juhi King (nee Jhunjhunwala) has 10 years of experience in IT, Customer Operations and Service Delivery. Her primary expertise has been strategizing and implementing large scale projects in multiple industries. In her more recent experience in Consulting, Juhi has worked with Australian clients implementing process and system solutions with complex integrations. She has also successfully led geographically dispersed and cross cultural teams. Juhi is very passionate about engaging with people and maintaining relationships. She is also accredited in PRINCE 2 methodology and is a certified practitioner. Juhi has implemented projects using waterfall methodology and also been part of agile projects. Her personal blog is hrtechgirl.wordpress.com

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