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Career progression is probably something that many have thought about but think it’s to early in their career.

Take Career Into Own Hands!HR must work in partnership with the rest of the business and is just as important as employee engagement and understanding the customer experience. You may work for a brand and use their product outside work so you are technically a customer too as well as being an employee. As the employee and customer you are also a brand ambassador.

How can you get more business experience outside your currently role?

Have you ever considered becoming a Board Member/Trustee, probably not? Small organisations are always in need for strategic HR guidance. However this is a perfect way for you to use your HR skills and also develop your career. HR has a key role to play in improving organisational performance.

HR professionals with expertise in areas such as organisational development, talent management, leadership and staff development, employee engagement and employee relations, have the potential to contribute both directly and indirectly to boards. The opportunity to connect with an organisation on a long-term basis as it develops and goes on a journey has made.

Different experiences and perspectives are important and a board that also reflects the people and communities they service will help improve effectiveness.

Ever thought about attending networking events, seminars, workshops and conferences? Here is an ideal place to hear about other business areas, even new ideas and business best practice. With the internet, many companies advertise their events and many are FREE. Business universities also have free talks.

As my career developed I realised that I have a thirst for business. I did my HR qualification but that wasn’t enough. Following my Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Studies I completed two business leadership courses and still attend short courses. Studying is good but I wanted to hear about how what I learnt could work in the ‘real’ business world. Attending networking events, seminars, workshops and conferences gave me the opportunity for that, sourcing out at least two different events each month helped me step out of my comfort zone, well HR world. Because of this I call myself the “Unconventional HR/Business Professional”. I take what I learn and bring new ideas to organisations I work for, thinking outside the box and challenge convention using innovation to deliver business and people solutions.

Not just satisfied with attending networking events I wanted more. An opportunity presented itself to become a Board Member for two organisations. One led to working on a £100 million pound regeneration project and on an international project with travel to different European cities. Also working with a team to assist the CEO in the restructure of an organisation

I was coerced by a friend into becoming an Adviser to famous high profile international organisation in London with over 50,000 staff. Advising the CEO and senior management team, attending management board meetings and being involved in decision making in how the organisation is run. Helping transform the organisation into bring it into the 21st century is no mean feat. However I got involved in many interesting projects, attended Media Training by the Press Association (PA), received a top award for ‘outstanding leadership’, being interviewed on a news programme, chairing groups and helping to implement new ways of working and organisational change.

Looking back I can say it’s true ‘the learning never stops’ and it doesn’t have to be in a classroom.

My extra curriculum achievements would not have been achieved if I didn’t put myself ‘out there’. If you want to progress your career don’t wait for your manager to make decisions for you, take you career into your own hands.

Vivienne AiyelaGuestpost by Vivienne Aiyela
An award winning HR/Business Professional, experience of working in a multi-cultural global environment. Has worked across both public and private sectors – including SME’s/entrepreneurial businesses including creative and property, fashion, and sports. A Board member and successfully managed the recruitment and implementation of 6000 new staff for the 2012 London Olympics. Appointed as Chair of the Football Association (FA) Anti-Discrimination Panel.

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Nicole Le Maire

Nicole Le Maire

Global People Advisor at New To HR
People are important, whether you like it or not. That is where I come in, it is my work and passion to improve your business, people and... bottom-line. My job is to help you and offer people insights in a transparent and understandable way. My diverse international (35+ countries) management and HR experience spans from start-ups to established organisations advising them through their stages of creation, growth, and stabilisation.

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