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“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” – Steve Jobs

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“A dream is not something that only comes to you when you sleep; instead it is something that does not let you sleep” and I have been re-living every minute of the saying.

A story that would better explain as to what I am passionate about and how I went about finding the right place for me.

I did my schooling with a Catholic Nun’s convent that primarily instilled in people enormous spiritual and moral values. As a 8 year old kid, inspired by Nuns’ prayer and helping nature, one evening soon I reached home and told my Dad that I want to become a nun which he took it light.

A few years went by and when I was 12, I I kept telling myself that I wanted to be a Doctor, after visited a hospital.

Things did not stop and after getting inspired by my favorite language teacher I kept telling myself that I should become a teacher, as I admired the way she took the students through each subject.

After all of these incidents I became a laughing stock in the family who continued taking all of my serious thought processes silly.

Things became serious to an extent that, once at a grocery store, my sister asked me, “Hey, Do you wanna a become a vegetable vendor?” or at the church “Don’t you wanna be an Evangelist?” which instilled in me a serious doubt as with what I have been talking. I started retrospection as what in life do I really want to become.

While doing my undergrad, we had a session in which the students had to sit together to really understand the subject through random brain storming questions. We started and then the teacher’s attention suddenly shifted to me, she wanted to really understand what I was passionate about. As soon as such a question was asked, tons of random thoughts struck through my cross section of the hemispheres.

Minutes after this went on; there occurred an energy shift which created in me an automatically triggered self-confidence and certainty to remind me, that I am the one who creates my life and should take some serious plights as to what I want to see myself as years from now.

I was really concerned about the fact that my passion shouldn’t be mere materialistic and something beyond such barriers should come my way.

I took some time to really skim my life through to really understand what something is that makes me happy, doing what could be of some monetary benefit to support my living and this thus gave birth to my career.


Working for someone else does not always allow us the freedom to live the fabulous life that we all dream of.

I would often ask other successful business owners how they went about starting their business, for which many told me that they found something that they were passionate about or they found a need for something that they could actually fill.

“Our passion drives us, in a place where we have little money to start with – we only have ourselves to draw on”

The insatiable curiosity is something that I feel, I will be able to fulfil my dream with.

Thanks to Internet, online information, where I choose to get all my lessons and books from. These sources proved to be sometimes right and wrong but I learned a lot about which career steps to take.

I am KRIPA, an Entrepreneur and Executive in the Human Resources industry in India, with diverse professional experiences in the field.

As a HR Executive, I really wanted to change the way things work here and hence I came up with a strategic solution that could help and server people better.

My objective at end of day is to have my firm do a HR outsourcing that could benefit the masses. I have a team which I work together with to do market analysis and reporting HR trends which comes with a prototype that could help many organisations.

I love learning and helping those individuals that are in need of career advise and other HR services.

I chose to become a HR Professional and why not use my education for my own purpose rather helping another organization in a traditional corporate environment is what I keep as a notion.

As a start-up, we are working with great potential, one idea, a simple business model, test it using fewest resources possible (time, energy, money), to see whether the idea is viable or not, it is an amazing feel and especially testing an idea while still holding a traditional job.

My view on Entrepreneurship:

I believe that it can be used as a tool to get us where we truly would want to and could be used to set many people who are ‘captive’ free.

Free from fear, free from financial bondage, free from the time and resource constraints that each person has on their life. I want to help other women towards making this a memorable journey

Women are often hindered to turn their ideas into business due to many external factors, and acknowledging these is the first step to overcoming them.

In particular, I feel a sense of mission in the field of owning a business and feel that I was born for this, when entrepreneurship can be utilized otherwise “ordinary” people, creating extraordinary income. Remember time is such a gift.

Entrepreneurship (and start-ups) allow us a way to give to others by coming along side individuals and helping them in their success.

Without helping others be successful, it is impossible to be successful – I love that about owning my own business!

As a Female Entrepreneur:
I am passionate about helping women find the confidence and certainty they need in their lives, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically, because in the end, action must be taken in order for what we have learnt to manifest, what we choose to create.

In summary, here are the three things about me that drive this passion towards running a business of my own:

  • I am passionate about making the world a better place by enabling those around me to do better.
  • I have an insatiable fascination of people and technology which drives me to find new ways to bring valuable innovation in the HR Industry.
  • I absolutely believe that it is and am looking to network and connect with like-minded people, work collaboratively with women entrepreneurs.

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Kripa uses a positive approach to everything is in life and leads and motivates her team to innovate by working on multiple projects. HR Empowered is a Bangalore headquartered HR Consultancy firm, primarily engaged in the business of providing professional STAFFING SERVICES to Companies in India.

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