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Take the 2015 Millennial HR Survey Today 77

By 2020, half of the workforce will be from the millennial generation.

HR Millennial SurveyThe HR Millennial Survey is aimed at getting to know the young (millennial) HR professionals.

We want to get to know you and understand:

● your aspirations
● your favorite tools
● your views on HR trends, HR careers and more.

A professional collaboration, the anonymous survey results are expected to be published in the Namely and New To HR’s new ebook before summer.

You will be one of the Human Resources leaders of the future and that is why it is important for us to get to know you.

The survey questions participants about:

The reasons why you decided to pursue a career in human resources…

We’d like to know whether it is the main focus, or a part of another career path.

By understanding your major field of study, we discover new interests and objectives that may be used to adapt or design the HR department/team of the future.

Survey questions are mostly generic, although we ask whether the respondents are introverted or extroverted to get an idea of their motivations and reasons for their beliefs.

Has your university education prepared you well for your new HR career?
This question provides an opportunity for us to learn whether university education provides a sufficient grounding, and gives us an opportunity to see which areas require further specialised training.

Do you have opportunities for professional growth and career development at your organization?
With this question, we aim to gain a better understanding of how companies view the HR function. Companies that don’t offer growth opportunities stand to lose skilled professionals to companies that understand the role of the new people professional.

Do employees at your organization have a strong work-life balance?
Modern employees live to work, instead of working to live. Work forms a part of a greater life experience, rather than being the crux of a person’s lifestyle. We want to ensure that HR professionals of the future understand that.

Are your job tasks aligned to the larger goals of the company?
There’s the reactive HR function, and then there’s the pro-active HR function. The pro-active HR function is aligned to the company’s culture and marketing goals.

Further, we ask about HR priorities to get an idea of the industries that will see growth in the next five years.

Finally, we ask about the HR issues that keep you up at night.

 Take the Survey here!

Ultimately, we aim to find areas in HR that need improvement or better education and the impact of owning your own talent.

(c) New To HR.

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Nicole Le Maire

Nicole Le Maire

Global People Advisor at New To HR
People are important, whether you like it or not. That is where I come in, it is my work and passion to improve your business, people and... bottom-line. My job is to help you and offer people insights in a transparent and understandable way. My diverse international (35+ countries) management and HR experience spans from start-ups to established organisations advising them through their stages of creation, growth, and stabilisation.

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