Terms of Use

Refund Policy

As our products are digitally delivered HR information and personally delivered HR services,
there are no refunds unless, for example, a person has been accidentally charged twice for
the same product or service.

If the digital product does not download correctly or if the wrong product is downloaded, email
us at info@newtohr.com we will provide you with the correct digital product.

Time Period for Completion of Paid Services

Our general policy is to begin the service as soon as payment for one-time projects has been
received with the understanding that creating and implementing a HR package or other such
services is not an overnight project. Each client’s package is individually created.

For those HR services in which client input and facilitation are required, the length of time until
completion of the services is therefore also dependent on the client’s timely cooperation in
providing any requested input.

It is the goal of New To HR to implement all paid services for one-time projects in a timely
manner subject to the current projects already in progress at the time of payment as well as
the timeliness of the client participation after payment.

For ongoing engagements, payment schedules are set for each client individually. In general,
payment is due at the beginning of each month of service.

No Representations or Guaranties Whatsoever

As explained in our legal disclaimer, we make no representations or guaranties whatsoever
about the success of any HR services, package, plan, advice, recommendation or suggestion.

This terms of use policy was last modified on August 7th, 2014.