Employability. The Innovative Term for Job Security? – Knowledge Bite with Alexander Michalski

Alexander Michalski, Head of HR discusses how we live in a Knowledge Society and the industrialised world no longer has a monopoly on knowledge.

Competition for jobs is high and it is suggested that: Individual Competitiveness (Employability) = what you know (your distinctive Knowledge/Skill) x who you Know (your networks).

The concept of employability has three dimensions #Macro #Meso #Micro. It also has a number of dilemmas as dynamic environments require flexible workers, flexible workers require a stable employment relationship, but stable employment relationships may not be possible in dynamic environments within the Employability area.

For the full interview: https://youtu.be/gfcOs93wWRs or get in touch with Alexander via http://bit.ly/1jVbjHC.