Reshaping Work in the Digital Age – Sound Bite with Rudy De Waele

Rudy De Waele @mtrends, CEO of is a Digital Transformation Strategist, Speaker and Author, he highlights to #NewToHR how HR in today’s world is all about shaping the future with the use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Printing and Robotics and it is not scary!

It is about creating trends, strategic foresights and thought leadership groups; Opening-up, experimenting, partnering, and failing fast, while learning. Use scouting and educating talent in an attractive way, to be creative as a brand and employer; changing the way you evaluate your people by empowering them; stimulating continuous learning. And of course making sure that happiness is the new ROI for your employees whilst investing in creativity/purpose/mindfulness. Listen to the full interview here: