Guide To Modern HR

HR’s tone is becoming more casual, approachable and flexible. The focus on the current workforce will involve networking and integration of teams through value networks. This collaborative partnership will only be possible if a single set of common standards is developed!

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uide To Achieving Excellence Through Collaboration And Culture Change by

Defining organizational excellence is an arduous task, though one of the things that bring about growth in a company is how well the skills and talents of its workforce are being tapped into and utilized.

Innovation can come in different ways, it can be from the idea of an individual or the ideas of members of a team, the fact still remains that much more result is gotten from collaborative effort. Your collaboration culture should embody the ideals and attitudes of that business.

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HR Technology Guide by

Technology innovations such as SaaS, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence have disrupted markets and business models and as a result, the globally connected economy has become so dynamic and complex that most companies with their traditional command-and- control hierarchies and ponderous decision making processes are incapable to react with agility and speed, thereby losing resilience for change.

Remember, by 2025 nearly 3 billion more people will have access to the Internet, with more consumers interacting in the global digital economy, the combination of mobile computing devices, high-speed wireless connectivity and applications is projected to see unprecedented growth.

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Mentorship Program Guide By #NewToHR

Implementing a mentorship program in the workplace can be a powerful way to offer career guidance enabling your company to meet its defined operational goals.

The program fosters networking opportunities and exposure beyond the employee’s day to day scope (such as different levels of leadership, departments, and perspectives on the organization), in addition to helping to foster cross-functional thinking, engagement, and retention.

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HR Start Up Guide By #NewToHR

So, you have started your business and you have realized you are a bit out of your element with developing your people strategies.

It is a pretty big step to take and one that can leave you wondering where to begin as there’s a lot of work involved in championing your company’s core values. The main thing to do is take stock of things and familiarize yourself with everything People Operations [HR].

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Emotional Intelligence Guide. Building EI. #NewToHR

You have probably been taught that emotion does not belong in the workplace.

Each day in the workplace, an employee’s Emotional Intelligence is put to the test. Most often, how an employee reacts to a situation will build goodwill and co-operation with customers and team members or will further drive wedges into tenuous relationships. Now is the time to recognise that you can make dramatic improvements that will help you reach your personal and business goals by improving your Emotional Intelligence.

Emotion is present in the workplace - everyday, everywhere.

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