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You will have heard lots about corporate employees who turned entrepreneur and who came up with multi-million $ ideas, and you may also have listened to those amazing stories of best friends starting a company together. Not us...

If you know our brand #NewToHR, you probably have gotten to know us via one of our Social Channels.

But do you know what New To HR really is?

New To HR Team

Let's Start With - What We Are Not 😉

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We are not striving to be part of the greater HR collective.
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And we are not 'local', we love the world and our online and digital lives. And yes, you can work remotely!
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New To HR is definitely not trying to mimic the success of consultancy giants.

What We Are...

A team of business professionals who came together to orchestrate and optimise
global knowledge, instilling an innovative way of content sharing.

Representing a shift

in how people perceive truly global Business practices now and in the future.

Genuinely understand the global and digital workspace

providing meaningful content that resolves real life problems.

Integrate, Apply & Evaluate

No more boot licking! We stay out of the main stream and do our own thing. (Successfully ;))

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