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If you juggle multiple business tasks, have competing career priorities and want to learn more about working globally, you are in the right place!

#NewToHR provides practical solutions and easy-to-use information to help you manage your career more successfully.

We are a community working in the real world, and our experiences and activities are definitely not described in the theory, the textbooks and information received from the knowledge institutes.

A personal – HELLO – from our founder!

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My name’s Nicole Le Maire, I am the Director at New To HR and I have lots and lots to share with you.

Nicole - Founder of #NewToHRI came up with the idea of New To HR when I was in my twenties, travelling the world as a International HR Manager and later a Director. I found that there was nowhere to go – to get global HR advice. So, I started blogging about Business and HR in 2010, sharing parts of my story.

Aside from writing about Business and People Management, I still do the work too!

I am a qualified global People Professional with a job just like you and I like to think that gives me insights into what really works – as I have tried and tested WAY TOO MANY things ?

You can read more about me and my career here.

Let our team help you manage more successfully has been on the web for over 7 years and in that time we have written and curated over 800+ articles on all kinds of topics from working remotely to becoming a VP of People.

New To HR TeamManagement and People Operations is a vast subject area and if it is your first time here (or if you are new to this topic area), we understand that it is hard to know where to start.

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