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Disability law can seem like a minefield and realistically, one of the biggest problems for employers is defining what is and isn’t a disability – many special needs are deemed to be disabilities in the workplace, for example. UK employment law...

Now more than ever, the question of whether to cherish or oppress individuality at work haunts every organization. Many companies see themselves threatened by the growing trend to grant individuals more freedom and accept their uniqueness as an asset rather...

The power of personalization is incredible, and it all comes from the way the human mind is programmed to function in a social context. Personalization is one of the most important forces currently shaping (online) customer interaction. We all appreciate when someone...

A growing trend amongst small and medium companies is giving up on the software culture to embrace the lighter, easier to install and user friendlier alternative offered by - apps. Organizations are joining the app train in the hope of making...