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10 Eye Catching Business Card Templates For Your Business Card

Believe it or not, business cards can make a huge first impression. After all, they are often the first time anyone becomes aware of your company.

That’s why having a great looking business card is so important. What’s the secret to having a business card that really stands out? Glad you asked, because we are here to help.

In this article, we take a look at some eye catching business card templates that can help take your business to the next level. Keep reading to get some ideas that might be perfect for you.

1. Clean and Minimalist

When it comes to getting right to the point, it’s hard to beat a clean and minimalist template. This design makes a statement without being pretentious. 

2. Retro

A retro business card template design delivers a classic look. This throwback design is classy, clean, and yet is packed with plenty of style.

3. Simple and Colorful

This is a great look for anyone wanting business cards that are cheerful and bright without being overwhelming. We suggest going with a citrus background and white font to maximize visual impact.

4. Simple Orange and Black

Understated and cool. It’s a subtle style for a business card with elements that are clear and concise. This card would work especially well for anyone in the entertainment industry.

5. Transparent Plastic

A bit flashier than other templates on this list, yet totally distinctive. Looks especially good with a splash of color and dark text.

6. Square

Square business cards have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. This style of card offers the same amount of surface area yet is distinctive enough for people to take notice.

7. Rustic and Natural

Eco-friendly and just plain cool. This card is typically produced using recycled materials and feels great in your hand. Keep things simple with the use of black and grey text.

8. Bold and Elegant

It’s hard to go wrong with a template that is elegant yet bold enough to really grab your attention. The use of both bold colors and graphics makes this a top choice.

9. Bold Yet Professional

Here is another example of a bold design, yet with more of an emphasis on looking professional. This would work especially good for a startup company hoping to make a splash.

10. Tasteful Simplicity

Business card templates don’t get any more straight forward than this. The design is simple, with a color that is easy on the eye, and a layout that utilizes minimal text. Nothing more than the company name centered on one side, and your first name centered on the back with contact info placed subtly along the bottom edge.

Eye Catching Business Card Templates

The business card you carry says a lot about you and your company. The eye catching business card templates in the article can help make the most of the impact you’re wanting to communicate to the world.

Making an impression on customers, clients, suppliers, and vendors is a big deal. So make the right impression with a quality business card.Click here to learn 5 things entrepreneurs should be thinking about.

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