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11 Profitable Businesses To Start 2023

Starting a new business is a lot of hard work. For many people it’s also a risk that they’re hoping will pay off. The most important thing to achieve in any business is a profit. 

That being said, if you start a business that is sure to be profitable quickly, it’s far less of a risk. Here we look at the most current profitable businesses so you can take a calculated risk.

Clean Energy

Clean energy is a booming business right now. Everyone is more focused on reducing carbon footprint than ever before. Whether you’re serving individuals or businesses, you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of custom.

Some of the options include solar power, gas, refineries, and more. If you’re someone who already owns a business, you could make money by joining forces with an already established clean energy company.


If you have a flare for technology and innovation, you’re ready to start making money. Technology advances quickly all the time but with the creation of AI, space travel, smart vehicles, and so much more, technological advances have stood out over recent years. 

Some of the smartest and most profitable business ideas come out of the tech industry. If you have an idea that could fill a gap in the market, you could be onto something truly wonderful. Alternatively, investing in someone else’s idea could also work.


Self-storage is an up and coming business for many reasons. This is a business idea that meets many needs of the average person.  In addition to providing a storage solution for hobby equipment or during a house move, a storage unit can be so much more.

For example, many small business owners have seen the advantages of using storage units as a work space. It can be used as a small office or a warehouse for online businesses. If you’re thinking of building a multi-level self-storage facility to hire out to the public, you can expect to make a profit quickly.


Many people are turning to private healthcare providers. General public healthcare providers have had complaint after complaint in recent years. Waiting times are too long, new medications aren’t available and service is poor.

Whether it’s a doctor’s clinic, dentist, pharmacy, or more, it won’t take long to build up a full list of clients. More and more people are realizing that their health is worth investing in and have started to put a percentage of their earnings into private healthcare.

Real Estate

Real estate has always been lucrative and will always be lucrative. There are many ways you can start a real estate business. For instance, becoming a realtor will allow you to sell properties and take home a commission.

You’ll need to study and get certified for this. Alternatively, you could flip properties. If you have money to invest in property and update the property to sell, you could make a hefty profit. Another option is to become a landlord by renting out property you own.


Everyone needs a plumber or an electrician at some point. These are the types of jobs that will die hard, even with the advancement of technology. A trade is a great way to make an investment in your career for the future.

You’ll need to study to enter your chosen profession but the courses aren’t long. You’ll also need to have some on-the-job experience before you start. The hours can be long and the jobs can sometimes be tedious but once you’re qualified, it’s a guaranteed income for life.

Cleaning Services

It’s the original answer to the original problem. Those with busy lives and long working hours find it difficult to clean they’re own homes. Businesses need to be cleaned when their employees leave the office.

Clothes need to be dry cleaned and carpets need to be washed. The service list is practically endless. No matter what niche you choose, you are guaranteed to find customers quickly. It also doesn’t take much investment to get started

Vending Machines

Vending machines are easy money. Just take a moment to think about all the places where you’ve seen a vending machine. At the gym, your local hospital, waiting rooms, stores, and so many more. 

It does take a good chunk of investment and you’ll need to have large vehicles for delivery. You’ll also have to take maintenance into account. Once you’ve checked those off your lists, all you need to do is collect your money.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses are constantly on the hunt for good social media managers. Every business needs it but not every business has time for it. It can be time consuming when you have other aspects of the business to consider.

By offering social media services, you can provide a solution to many business owners. If you know the ins and outs of social media and understand how to boost visibility using SEO, you can easily build up a portfolio. 

Sell Candles and Soaps

If you’re looking for something in the beauty industry, this could be the ticket. This is one you can start off at home and build up. The natural beauty industry is more popular than ever before.

Consumers want natural products with natural scents, like honey, goats milk, and essential oils. It can take practice to get the recipes right for each product but once you’re happy with them, selling online is fairly straightforward. As long as you get the word out, it shouldn’t take long to create a loyal customer base.


If you have experience as an accountant, your skills will be invaluable to business owners. It’s essential for business owners to get payroll right but many don’t have the skills to do it themselves. There are also aspects like business tax that many owners prefer to hand over to professionals. As an accountant you can offer your services to all businesses, big and small.

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