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3 Reasons Why Your Learners May Not Be Liking Your eLearning Course

As course trainers and creators, we may do our best to build a course that helps our audience learn better about the respective subject.

However, what seems to work wonders in our heads may not always be as good as it looks.

As a result, we may get comments likes these:

Ugh! Why does this not end already?

This course is too long. Can I just skip this one?

I don’t think I want to attend more sessions from this course.

Well, you created the course spending hours and still received negative feedback! What could have gone wrong?

In this post, we are discussing that. Here are three reasons that could be making your learners dislike your eLearning course.

1. You Didn’t Pay Attention To Detail

Honestly, we are all familiar with the chemical rush that our minds experience every time we plan on launching something new.

Yes, this makes us want to finish the project and make it ready to launch quickly.

Although the spirit is good and can be useful, if it overpowers, one may overlook several essential details.

This means that to get done with the project quickly, you may end up neglecting some intricate details.

For example, course navigation. Or use of the right images. Or paying attention to colour schemes etc.

Overlooking all these and other similar details can reduce the appeal of your otherwise fantastic course. So, don’t let that happen.

2. Content Isn’t Up to The Mark

Apart from the details, learners may dislike a course if the content isn’t up to the mark.

And what does ‘up to the mark’ mean here?

Well, your content shouldn’t be unnecessarily elongated. It shouldn’t be boring. It shouldn’t be incorrect. And the value of the content should be more than the price that a learner pays for buying your course.

In simpler words, your course must provide the learner with valuable information.

To make sure that the content of your course is qualified, you can keep the following three Cs of content in mind.

  • Concise: Your course’s content should be concise. This will make it easier for your learners to go through the course as they may not have to unnecessarily spend a lot of time on one course.
  • Clear: Moving further you must ensure that your course’s content is clear with words.

    The idea is to keep it simple. So, try not to beat too much around the bush and come to the point with minimal build-up.
  • Comprehensive: As we are talking about training content, learners may not be able to learn much if we don’t present it in a comprehensive manner.

3. Your Course Isn’t Flexible Enough

If your course gets a minimal amount of attendees during the morning and evening (before and after office hours), lack of flexibility can be a reason.

Sounds ambiguous?

Well, over 72% of internet users of this generation use a smartphone to access the web. Some of these people may register for your course and may want to access it while travelling to work and back home every day. But if your course isn’t accessible on smartphones and tablets, you may miss out on a large audience.

Sounds like a big loss?

Fortunately, this fiasco is super-easy to avoid. Modern eLearning tools come with simple mobile-friendly features that can quickly make your course accessible across smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Just make sure that you pick the right authoring tool and LMS with such features.

Final words

An eLearning course’s success depends on a number of factors. When those factors are not met, the desired results may not come.

In this post, we talked about three of those factors as reasons why your eLearning course may be failing.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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