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4 Long Term Advantages Of Learning A Trade

Are you looking to break into a new career? 

More and more people are discovering that their college degrees aren’t as applicable in the modern world as they should be. Even advanced degrees are often snubbed in favor of nepotism. 

Other people chose not to go to college, either by choice or through necessity, but they also struggle to get fulfilling jobs. If either of these sounds like you, have you considered learning a trade?

There are plenty of reasons to learn a trade in addition to or in place of getting a degree. Let’s talk about it.

You’re Less Replaceable

Many people are afraid of a future of job automation. While some of this automation is good, other types put qualified and experienced people out of work.

Another big problem with many modern careers is outsourcing. Many employers choose to outsource work to more affordable agencies or people in other countries in order to save money.

When you have a skilled trade, you don’t have to worry about this. You can’t outsource someone who works with their hands to complete a difficult task. 

You Can Work Anywhere

Once you have your trade experience you can find work anywhere across the country (or even in other countries around the world). In other words, you finish an electrician apprenticeship (for example), and you’re ready to hit the workforce wherever you like.

There is always a need for skilled tradespeople. Whether you’re a skilled construction worker, an electrician, or even a metalworker, there is someone who will need your expertise anywhere you go. 

The Pay Is Good

Most modern-day tradespeople aren’t making millions off of their work, but your pay is based on your skill and effort, meaning that you can make a lot of money in comparison to many other career paths. 

You won’t be stuck working minimum wage positions regardless of your training or degree path. Once you’ve become a skilled worker you know that you’ll make more than enough money to have a comfortable life. 

You Get Instant Experience

One of the problems that many college graduates are experiencing is a need for experience before they’re able to start a job. While there are internships available, many people can’t afford to work for free and they end up struggling to find even entry-level positions.

When you do an apprenticeship for a trade, you get hands-on job experience while you’re doing it. This is especially helpful if you’re a kinesthetic learner who doesn’t do well with trying to learn everything from books or visual aids. 

Is Learning a Trade Right for You?

For many people, learning a trade is a better option than getting a college degree. Many students aren’t sure what they want from their future careers, and not everyone is academic-minded.

There is always a need for skilled tradespeople, meaning that you’re not at risk of losing your job anytime. It’s a safe career choice that will make you a comfortable living. What’s not to love?

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