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4 Reasons To Look For An Offshore Development Team In Ukraine: Insights For A Business Owner

When choosing an offshore development team in Ukraine, it is important to remember that price is never the only factor. You need to ensure that you are working with a company that can offer you not just the skills and experience of their developers but also the full range of services that you need. Here are four reasons for choosing a dedicated development team Ukraine.

What is offshore software development?

Before you hire dedicated team Ukraine, you need to know what offshore development is first. Offshore software development refers to utilizing the services of workers who are located at a distance from their employer in another country, especially when they work on products or projects that will be deployed in those companies’ home countries.

But what will be your advantages if you offshore a part of your development team in Ukraine? You’ll be quite surprised to see the biggest reasons for doing so.

Reasons for hiring developers in Ukraine

In this paragraph, we’ll show you several stunning things about Ukrainian developers and why offshoring there can be very beneficial for your organization.

Reduced costs for running Ops

Outsourcing development to an offshore team cuts the overall costs of operations by a substantial degree. This means that organizations can retain their existing teams and deliver projects at cheaper rates than existing use-case enterprise developers. The cost of hiring developers in Ukraine is significantly lower than in any part of the world, but it’s because of multiple factors.

  1. Office rent savings – office rents are extremely expensive. You need to find a suitable location and then pay a considerable sum every month just to keep your office.
  2. Utility bills – after the pandemic, the global recession, and the war in Ukraine, you can’t deny that global utility prices have increased dramatically. Well, maintaining an office comes with that, too.
  3. Equipment – software developers don’t work on regular machines. They need powerful workstations if they are to deliver good results. You can’t find suitable work equipment for under $2,000. And this equipment you should change every 2-3 years.
  4. Labor costs – last but not least, we have the associated labor costs which are much lower. Still, we should not make assumptions based on labor, as many North American companies can offshore development in Canada – check this article for more info.


Hiring a development team for short-term projects can be expensive: the hiring process is lengthy and risky, and it requires companies to make an investment in office space and technology. Finding staff can be difficult, too, as industry talent periods are in high demand. Fortunately, there is another way. Instead of hiring a team on a project-by-project basis, firms can choose to offshore the task to a company working with Ukrainian software developers. It’s much easier to do that to have available resources when you need them and reduce the workload when you only need maintenance.

Access to global talent

Having a Ukrainian team offshore gives companies access to diverse resource pools and experienced talent. Since these teams are based around the world, they can work on projects across time zones and regions. Their experiences further enrich their ability to work with clients from all over the globe, which can increase a company’s brand exposure in its target markets. It also allows for faster project completion by minimizing delays due to time zone differences or other problems that might arise when working with local staff. The insights gained through working with offshore resources benefit the overall product timeline and make it better overall.

Better time-to-market speed

Offshore development means you can produce a product much faster and at a lower cost than hiring in-house. For example, time to market can be reduced by as much as 60 percent depending on the project’s needs. In addition, companies have access to an unmatched range of talent who can help them innovate quickly and retain margins that are still above industry averages.


Working with an offshore development team in Ukraine will help you find quality at a reasonable price. But you’ll also access most of the great perks by offshoring tasks which can make your project appear sooner on the market and, as a result: generate more profits.

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