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4 Traditional Marketing Tactics That Can Still Work

When you think about modern-day marketing techniques, then you undoubtedly think about digital marketing. Whether that’s through online, social media, video, or anything of that nature, it certainly needs to be the main focus of any marketing strategy. 

But the more traditional types of marketing, which many would consider old-fashioned, can work if you know what you’re doing. As with anything in marketing, you need to go where your customers are, and if that means putting a new twist on an old channel, then that’s what you need to do. 


Gone are the days when the majority of the marketing budget was spent on brochures and leaflets. But there are instances where the print is still preferable. For example, at events. But don’t rely on hastily designed poor quality. Take advantage of the amazing things that are possible with today’s modern printing services and designs. Give them something that’s going to make them say wow and want to know more. 


Events can be tricky to pull off. Small businesses don’t have the budget to stage a really successful event and usually end up relying on attending trade shows or buying space at other events. 

The pandemic marked a huge shift in events and how they are held. You can now run a very sophisticated, high-profile event in a virtual platform, expanding the reach and making the ROI potentially much higher. 

Corporate Entertainment

Taking out important clients or prospects got a reputation for being a bit of a boys club. Often it would involve sports, alcohol, or expensive dinners. When done properly, corporate entertainment is a great way to build customer loyalty as well as impress potential customers and stakeholders too. 

Rather than default to the old-fashioned corporate entertainment tropes, take the time to research the type of things your client might light to do.  For example, if your events are always based around nights out or alcohol, it might alienate those who don’t drink alcohol. Similarly, always arranging events on an evening might exclude those with kids or caring responsibilities. Choose activities and events that more people can get involved in or that are a little different. 


Email is dead, long live email. Depending on which sector you look at email is seen as a waste of time and money. But in today’s marketing strategy, email still has a very big role to play, if you’re doing it properly. Firstly, building a mailing list full of clean, opted-in addresses is the starting point. Then use automation to make the process as professional and slick as possible. If you’re just firing out desperate sales messages to an old database whenever you need sales, then it’s never going to work. 

Key Takeaways

Any marketing channel will fail if you fail to plan and use it properly. Don’t assume that because something is new, it’s better, or if it’s old, it won’t work. Research your target market and follow their lead in order to reach out to them, however, they prefer. 

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