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4 Ways To Improve Team Performance And Morale

A team with high morale is a team that performs well. Study after study has shown that a team that has excellent interpersonal relationships, and a great esprit-de-corps has much higher morale and as such will consistently outperform almost any other team. So how can you achieve this high morale and improve your team’s performance alongside it?

Here are 4 effective ways to improve your teams’ performance and morale.

Fair praise and punishment

A fairly obvious thing to do, but it seems more and more that is is not as common as you would think. Fair compensation for their work, as well as fair praise and bonus for excelling, is paramount to keeping staff motivated.

Be careful not to go overboard on giving praise as it eventually dulls the meaning behind it.

Handing out praise at all acts lessens its meaning in time as it becomes an expectation and not a welcome surprise. The same goes for fair punishment. It should be given with fairness, within reason, and not harshly unless further investigation is warranted. 

Offering training courses

Offering training courses for your staff ensures that they have constant and fresh knowledge in their chosen fields of work. In past studies, well trained and stimulated staff show higher satisfaction with their work. It is important not to bog them down in learning, just for the sake of it. Space out the courses and vary them as well.

Offer ways for your staff to gain certifications on topics that aren’t related to their work but may be related to their own personal interests. Build your trust with them through education. 

For individuals higher up in the management order why not look into executive coaching. You could even look into taking part in this yourself in order to improve and grow. 1 to 1 coaching is of excellent benefit when you have the right teacher or mentor and if you are willing to try then you can only improve. Better leaders make better teams.

Organise team events

Teams bond as much outside of work as they do inside, if not, more so.

Organizing team activities and boding days is a great way to improve morale and productivity as a whole across your team members. Staff who are more personable and friendly with one another are more willing to help out and perform well for the rest of their team. They become unwilling to allow the team to suffer and step up that little bit more. Don’t just plan them yourself though.

Offer a choice to the team and allow them to decide what they would like to do, within reason of course. They know what activities work best for them so it should be easy for them to pick something that they can bond over.

Team targets and goals

Anyone who achieves a difficult but attainable goal knows the feeling of joy and power it gives them to do so.

Teams that have and achieve goals that get more difficult over time, and as the team improves, are teams that become more effective and have much better morale than teams that consistently fail. Of course, you have to strike a balance between difficulty and attainability as teams that fail often are going to have less and less morale as time goes on.

Push your teams but don’t crush them under the weight of targets they simply cannot reach.

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