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5 Office Design Tips For Your Small Business

In today’s digital world, businesses of all types need to adapt to keep up with consumer expectations. Whether you own a hardware store, a pet supply store, or a law firm, the way you design the location of your business will help attract and retain customers. If your office isn’t the most inspiring place to work and not the most attractive to clients, a few well-placed design tips can transform it into the ideal workspace for your company. Read on for some great ideas about how to improve your small business office layout and design.

Paint your walls a different colour

Would it surprise you to know that the color of your office walls has a huge impact on your employees’ work habits?

The colour of a room’s walls can significantly affect mood, productivity, and even sleep quality. So, as much as you may love your business’ traditional red walls and pale blue trim, red may not be the best colour for your small business office. Instead, consider a colour that boosts energy and encourages collaboration, like green, blue, or yellow. 

Add art to your space

While it’s important to keep your office walls free of clutter, it’s also helpful to add some artistic touches to your space. Consider installing a few pieces of vibrant artwork throughout the office, or hanging up a single, large piece near the entrance.

You can also try adding a piece of artwork to your cubicle walls or even adding it to your desk space. While it’s important to keep your office walls free of clutter, adding some trendy wall art pieces can often help increase productivity. 

Invest in ergonomic desk furniture

Having an ergonomic desk setup can make you and your employees’ workday much easier. And not only will it make your job more enjoyable, but it is a factor that can make your office a healthier place This is because the comfort of an ergonomic setup can improve your concentration and reduce the risk of injury.

So, what does an ergonomic desk setup look like? Typically, an ergonomic desk setup includes adjustable height and tilt chairs, and adjustable monitors. 

Get your windows tinted

Tinting the windows of your business is an oft-overlooked design tip that more business owners need to consider.  Doing this helps stop harsh lighting from coming in and causing eyestrain to both your clients and employees.  They can also help your finances, as they can save in cooling costs, cooling your office down by reducing the amount of light entering the room.  If you’re wondering how to tint commercial windows, you can find companies that specialize in this and can do it for you. 

Utilize small spaces by maximizing every square inch

If your office is particularly small or poorly designed, you may find it better suited for storing furniture or vanity items than it is for working. And while it’s essential to make the most of every square inch, it’s especially important when you have only a small amount of space.  You can use small spaces efficiently once you know what to do. 

For example, instead of including a lot of small decorations around the office, prioritize bigger pieces of furniture and decor that won’t make it look cluttered.

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