5 Reasons That Marketing Is Hard Work by New To HR

5 Reasons That Marketing Is Hard Work

Marketing is often one of the things that businesses – small and large – struggle with. Marketing itself is a broad term covering everything from lead generation to social media; with that scope, it isn’t any wonder that it can be tricky to master. 

So what are the marketing mistakes, and why does marketing sometimes just not work well? 

Too much data

Data can be fantastic – if you can use it correctly. For some companies, though, with data scattered across all of their platforms, it can be difficult to know where to look and what to do with the numbers you have. 

Concentrating on the wrong figures can see businesses pushing resources into places that won’t benefit them. 

Data overload is real and a real problem. The solution is to get all your data in one place. A few platforms can pull all your data into a single stream, and you’ll know where to focus your efforts. 

Ideal Client 

Perhaps you know who you are trying to speak to when you are marketing – but you have yet to find them. This is a common issue, and often, it can be solved by changing some of the strategies used. 

Sometimes, it is because of the budget; other times, it is because there hasn’t been enough focus on marketing on the right channels. This is where marketing agencies shine – they have the resources, time, and skills to tackle this properly. 


Great marketing takes time and testing; if you are expecting your first post to go viral and see you selling out of the biggest products or services – then you are in for some disappointment. In general, it takes at least six months for really good planning, and then execution happens at the same time as a bunch of other times. 

Pressuring your marketing team or an intern for results fast is going to leave you with nothing. Give your team the time to get it done properly, and you’ll get the results you need. 


As a business owner, what might you say your priorities are – and where in that list is marketing going to come? Not high, probably. And it isn’t because marketing is absolutely vital; it is because there are a lot of things to do; marketing doesn’t always make a list for anyone who isn’t directly working on it. 

Or, some parts of the marketing strategy aren’t a priority, and others are – and that happens without seeing results from any of the other efforts. 

Trends and Evolution 

Marketing now is not the marketing from 10 years ago, and it’s not even the marketing from a year ago – the landscape changes quickly. One of the biggest issues a marketing team faces is if they are not keeping up with trends, or worse, they are holding tightly to old methods and ignoring all of the new possibilities. 

Good marketing doesn’t just come from one single thing; it is a strong combination of well-planned and well-executed things that work because the data before the plan showed you the way. Start here: Ten Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts In 2023 – New To HR

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