5 Signs You Should Leave Your Job by

5 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Every job has its pluses and minuses. However, there are certain drawbacks that should be treated as dealbreakers. If you’ve been debating quitting your job, here are a few of the sure signs that it could be time to leave.

Your job is damaging your physical health

No job is worth your health. Unless your job is dangerous by its very nature, there ought to be health and safety measures in place that prevent injuries. This includes accidents like slips and falls, and long-term injuries such as hearing damage or RSIs.

Serious physical damage to your health could be a sure sign that it’s time to leave.

You may be able to seek legal compensation for your injuries with the help of specialist law firms in your trade such as construction injury lawyers, Rosenfeld Law. This could help fund you while you look for a new job.

Your job is damaging your mental health

You also need to look out for your mental health. Stress at work can often cause depression and anxiety.

If you dread going to work and feel worn down at the end of each day, it could be a sign that you need to leave. Other options such as reducing hours or responsibility could also make an impact, but may not always be possible.

Your job is too easy and you feel unchallenged

An easy job can be enjoyable. But if it’s too easy, you may find yourself getting bored and craving a challenge.

If there are no opportunities for progression and no way of taking on extra duties, it could be time to find another job. You could be wasting your talents doing something that is well below your capability.  

Your job is too hard and you keep making mistakes

The opposite can also be a good reason to leave. You could find that you are way out of your depth and that you keep making mistakes.

Quite often, this happens when someone chooses a job that is not right for their skillset or personality.

For instance, if you dislike conflict, you may struggle to manage a job in sales. Such a job is likely to make you unhappy. Consider looking into career coaching if you don’t have any idea of what job is right for you – everyone has a career that is well-suited to them.

You feel constantly undervalued/undermined

You’re working hard, but you never feel as if your work is appreciated. Perhaps you’ve asked for a pay rise or promotion and been repeatedly told no. Or perhaps it’s a simple case of never receiving praise or having input constantly dismissed.

In these cases, it could be time to quit and find a job where you feel you are valued. This could include better pay or simply an employer/colleagues that make you feel appreciated. This guide at Business Insider offers more advice on the subject. 

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