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5 Things You Can Do To Create A Better Office Environment

A happy workplace is an efficient workplace, and an efficient workplace is a profitable workplace, which is why creating a nice office environment can be beneficial for your business. When it comes to improving an office space, often it’s the small changes that can make the most difference, so here are 5 simple ways that you can make some improvements.  

Look at your lighting

When it comes to lighting, nothing beats natural light, which can boost the mood of employees and even help them to sleep better at night. Although it may not always be possible to change the structure of the building, do try to let as much natural light in as possible.

And if your office is underground, then consider installing daylight integrated lighting control systems that can mimic daylight artificially to create a more positive environment.

Turn up the temperature

The temperature of an office has a huge impact on how comfortable a person feels in their surrounding space. Set the temperature too low or too high and employees will feel uncomfortable, reducing their productivity and leading to irritability.

In general, it is agreed that the ideal temperature for the typical office is around 71.6 F which is considerably higher than the temperature often recorded in most offices.

So consider upping the thermostat just a little and listen to your employees to gauge what is right for your workforce.

Upgrade your IT

Outdated IT can be slow and frustrating, hindering employee performance and ultimately eating into your profits. Wherever possible, try to stay up to date with changes in IT – that doesn’t need to mean rushing out to buy the latest computer but it does mean upgrading devices when necessary and improving them when they are no longer fit for purpose.

If you’re not sure how to improve the efficiency of your IT then get in touch with an IT consultancy service such as that provided by

Bring in more plants

Adding an abundance of green foliage to your office space doesn’t only look nice, but it improves employee mood, increases productivity and can even contribute to better air quality too.

There is a wide variety of plants that thrive in challenging office conditions such as in low light, and there are now even office-based plant service providers who will water, maintain and rotate your plants for you to ensure that they are always looking their best.

Even if you just allow employees to have their own plant on their desk then this can dramatically improve the overall green appearance of the office at little to no extra cost to you.

Workstation personalization

Finally, if employees are to spend the vast majority of their week at their desks in their office then it seems only right that they be able to personalize it to meet their own needs. This may mean having a standing desk, having a cross-legged chair or simply decorating it with their own photos, lamps, and memorabilia.

So long as what they choose remains professional, these little touches can make a big difference to their overall happiness and the friendliness of your office space. 

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