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5 Tips To Build Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is all about marketing yourself to the world as a professional.

Anyone who is serious about developing their career needs to pay close attention to self-branding. Before you put yourself out there, it’s essential to define how you wish to be perceived. From here, you can plan out how to create and promote that persona. For a little advice on building your personal brand, try out these five simple ideas.

1 . Build an online presence

Building a professional online presence is the easiest way to develop your personal brand. Be sure to create professional accounts across all social media platforms from LinkedIn and Facebook to Twitter. Remember, all of the content that you put onto these accounts should represent how you wish to be perceived within your industry.

It’s worth putting a lot of thought into the photographs you use, your bio and the content that you share.

2. Improve your website

A top-quality website will do wonders for your personal branding. It’s a good idea to get yourself some Headshots for your site. Doing so will ensure that you have high-quality photos to create the best and most professional impression.

Keep in mind that more searches are made using mobile phones as opposed to desktops, so it’s essential to ensure that your site is mobile optimized. Beyond this, your blog content should be both creative and thought-provoking to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise within your field.

3. Try guest blogging

It’s a good idea to guest blog for high authority sites related to your industry. By doing so, you’ll extend your reach and present yourself as a trusted source of information. You can also pay for bloggers to include links to your website within their content material. As well as this, ensure that your content is SEO optimized so that your brand reach extends as far as possible.

Basic SEO is pretty easy to teach yourself, but if you’re looking for a professional touch, it could be worth hiring an expert to give your site a nice SEO revamp!

4. Get networking

To build your personal brand, networking is vital. If you want to be a recognised professional within your industry, you have to get out there and make as many connections if you can. As well as networking in person, seek to make industry connections via LinkedIn.

Remember, every connection that you make is valuable whether it’s a colleague, a potential employer or a mentor.

5. Keep learning

To advance in your career, it’s essential to keep learning as much as you can.

Mentoring can come in many forms, (including podcast format)! For some excellent tips on personal branding check out ‘Package Your Genius’. During these episodes, you’ll get some great self-branding advice from expert Amanda Miller. Recent themes on the podcast have discussed how to increase your visibility and dealing with imposter syndrome. Another top branding podcast to have a listen to is ‘The Brand You Podcast’ by Mike Kim.

Building a personal brand takes time, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen overnight. Spend a little time each day on your self-branding tasks, and eventually you’ll experience the progress that you are seeking.

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