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5 Tips To Leverage Italian Investor Visa For An International Career

An international career is a dream for any professional because opportunities are rife in the global job landscape. But everything boils down to choosing a country where demand is high, and growth prospects are good. An expat-friendly environment is a plus if you want to settle overseas for good. Italy is a good choice for ambitious professionals who wish to broaden their horizons. Besides being a land of opportunity, it’s easy immigration processes beckon potential immigrants.

An investor visa is the easiest option to get into the country and pursue your career goals. You can visit to know more about the Italian investor visa.

Let us share some tips to leverage it for building an international career.

Have funds at hand

Getting an investor visa is mainly about funding, so you must have adequate funds at hand beforehand. Since it requires considerable investment, the option is more suitable for people with high net worth. You will need a minimum of €250,000 as an investment in an innovative startup.

The other options are an investment of €500,000 in an existing company, a donation of €1 million in a public sector project, or the purchase of €2 million worth of government bonds. You can pick the option that matches your spending capacity.

Ensure eligibility

The good thing about an Italian investor visa is that the eligibility requirements are minimal.

Unlike options like citizenship by descent, marriage, or naturalization, you need not worry about a long eligibility checklist with this one. Anyone over 18 years can apply, so you will probably be eligible as a professional. You only have to validate that you are in a good state of health and have no criminal record.

Seek expert assistance

The best piece of advice for career aspirants looking to land in Italy with an investor visa is to seek expert assistance. Although the process is quite simple, professional guidance gets you in a good place. These experts can guide you about the eligibility, process, and paperwork. Moreover, they ensure no omissions and errors, so you can expect to close things at the earliest.

Complete the visa process

Before looking for career options in Italy, you must complete the visa process. Luckily, it takes only two steps to land here with the investor visa.

The formalities are minimal as you have to start with a nulla osta or certificate of no impediment. Following this, you can apply for a visa at your local Italian consulate. The entire process takes a couple of months, so you need not wait long to pursue your career aspirations.

Fulfil your citizenship goals

Once you land in Italy with your investor visa, you can get your residence permit right away. At this stage, you have to get in the committed investment.

After completing this step, you are all set to begin your career in Italy. You can even travel across the EU without a visa, making it easy to pick a traveling role. Beyond your residence, you can embark on your citizenship goals. It is possible to qualify for citizenship by naturalization after completing ten years in the country.

Starting an international career in Italy is easier than you imagine. You can depend on the Italian investor visa to open the road for you. Follow these tips, and explore the best opportunities for a thriving career.

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