5 Trusted Revenue Collection Tools For Local Government Personnel

5 Trusted Revenue Collection Tools For Local Government Personnel

If you work in local governance, you are likely to be familiar with how revenue is generated and why it is important. Local administrations collect revenue from the public in taxes, license fees, or fines, which are used to improve services in communities. But public servants are often faced with shortcomings in revenue collection, such as lack of information, decreased budgets, high employee turnover, increasing workloads, or insufficient funds, which affect personnel performance. 

The introduction of software applications and programs has greatly improved revenue collection in local governments; however, software programs need to be regularly updated, and the signs indicate when it’s time for that.

Here are five revenue collection software designed not only to streamline revenue collection but also to boost personnel efficiency.


Silicon Valley-based Tech Company OpenGov works to improve transparency and accountability in local governance, especially after seeing how officials often worked with outdated technologies.

The company provides cloud-based software for the public with features that include modern permitting, sector budgeting and financial management, and community development.

Over a thousand government agencies across the United States use OpenGov for better budgeting, communications, and open data that yield better results for the public. 


LODGINGRevs is tax management software that gives local governments tools to generate over 90% short-term rental compliance.

The software is responsible for preparing tailor-made permitting, tax collection, and short-term rental compliance for cities, towns, and counties with varying regulations.

Through the portal, users will be able to login and register their business licenses and pay their sales taxes. Since its inception in 2011, LODGINGRev has cumulatively generated over $1 billion in tax revenue for local governments.


AccuFund offers all-inclusive financial solutions to local governments that improve accountability and transparency. The software includes features such as general ledgers for recording financial data, bill paying trackers, and managing cash receipts. In response to the different needs and regulations that different states and townships may have, AccuFund provides customizable add-ons to local administrations that best suit their needs and are in line with laws and regulations.


GovCollect is a municipal revenue collection software solution specifically designed to streamline property tax billing, business license collection, occupational tax collection, and sales tax collection. It also allows for transient (short-term) lodging tax into an integrated program, making it efficient and easy to share important information.


iasWorld software provides an all-inclusive package that uses data to calculate accurate property tax values and distribute property taxes throughout your jurisdiction. Through this technique, the software ensures that tax billings are fair, and the decisions are driven by data, thereby minimizing risk. Your local government can also request for add-on modules that will aid in enhancing their performance.  

With 72% of U.S adults having more trust in their local government than the main state, administrations continue to improve their services to maintain or increase that trust.

Fortunately, technological software has made it possible for local governments to organize their structure, enabling staff to enhance their productivity to serve citizens better.

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