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5 Ways To Help An Employee In Need

In order to get the best out of a team of employees, both for the business and for their own personal development, they need to feel cared for. Employees in need may not ask for help and they may be hard to spot, but if you are dealing with an employee in need, then it needs to be handled compassionately and appropriately. Any worker who feels in need of help will be distracted from their job, unproductive and even at risk of leaving altogether.

To maintain happiness and balance within the workplace, here are 5 methods you can take to help an employee in need.

Identify the Issue

You may have spotted certain warning signs that an employee is in need of help, whether it’s a change in their behaviour, sudden absences due to personal reasons or illness or a general instinct that something isn’t right. That’s why it’s important for senior staff to get to know their employees. They will be able to identify when issues arise or when there is a significant change.

However, simply spotting that there is a problem doesn’t mean that you’ll be any the wiser regarding the reasons behind it. You should try and find out what the cause is, whether it’s another employee, an issue with the business itself, or a personal reason.

Speak with The Employee Privately

After noticing that there is a problem, it may be the best idea to speak with the employee privately. How this is done is dependent on how you run your business and your relationship with employees in terms of formality. You may have the sort of relationship which encourages an informal chat with the employee, or your business may strive for an official meeting with a witness.

It’s important to consider how an employee might be made to feel more comfortable to talk more openly – an informal chat asking how they are might be more successful than another person being present as a witness.

Recommend Any Relevant Help or Services

Depending on the issue, you should offer any advice regarding professional help where needed.

  • If this is the category of illness or injury, recommend visiting a doctor or any healthcare services.

Be Flexible and Understanding

Depending on the care and attention your employee needs in light of what they are going through, you should be open to them taking time off work, such as needing to attend medical appointments or needing personal time off for any private struggles they are enduring. Don’t be judgmental, and be as flexible and open-minded as possible.

Make Any Relevant Changes or Accommodations

Your employee’s problem may have an easy fix, or at the very least measures which can be taken within the workplace to ease the trouble.

  • If there is anything you can do to change their working environment or make allowances to assist them, then these measures should be taken to help the employee in question.

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