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5 Ways To Inject Fresh Energy Into Your Career

Given that the average person spends 90,000 hours at work, a rewarding career is something that everyone should aspire to achieve.

It’s not all about the money (although this is a big factor), though. In truth, keeping things fresh and mentally stimulating can be equally crucial for ongoing success. Tediousness is a productivity killer.

Even a previously satisfying job can start to feel stale after a while. It’s one thing to now that a change is required, but knowing how to do it is another altogether. Here are five of the best options at your disposal.

Get A Promotion

The change of energy needn’t always include a change of surroundings. In truth, climbing the internal career ladder by moving up within your current business can be a great solution. Aside from boasting a knowledge of the company already, it shows that you are valued.

It’s unlikely that those opportunities will come to you on a plate. If you are interested in a job vacancy, speak to the HR team about the best way to apply. Meanwhile, you should know how to successfully stake your claim for a salary rise. After all, taking on extra responsibility without extra reward would be futile.

Don’t assume that your history will be enough either. Make sure your applications stand out.

Career ChangeRelocate For A Career Challenge

Sometimes, however, relocation is exactly what the doctor ordered. Moving to a new city or country isn’t merely about your career, though. It will transform every aspect of your world, which is why you must take the time to weigh up the pros and cons.

If you do decide that relocation is the answer, the next job is to find listings for vacancies. Hawa jobs is a particularly good option for jobs in Iraq and Syria, not least because it covers so many sectors. Of course, those heading to different locations may wish to look elsewhere. Or maybe you’ll be able to seek a relocation within the company you already work for.

Taking the leap of faith is often the ultimate antidote to feelings of unfulfilled potential. Embrace it.

Start A Business

If working for someone else doesn’t tick the boxes, it might be time to start a business of your own. Life commitments may prevent you from giving up your job and risking everything. Thanks to the benefits of modern tech, it’s possible to start the venture as a side hustle.

As long as you know how to build the best team and use time in an efficient fashion, you won’t go far wrong. Whether it’s drop-shipping or providing a digital service, you can easily take a backseat role. It’s a good way to generate extra revenue that could eventually turn into a life-changing venture. At the same time, you may find that this is the best way to regain your spark.

Just be sure to build the business around something you love. This passion counts for everything.


If you’ve dedicated a lifetime to becoming an expert in your field, you don’t want to suddenly turn your back on those skills and passions. However, if the work itself isn’t living up to your expectations, you have to do something about it. Why not teach?

It doesn’t matter whether you work in manufacturing or history. Developing the next wave of experts in your sector can be one of the most rewarding jobs of all. Whether you become a college lecturer, a guest speaker, or provide YouTube videos is up to you. Either way, the feeling of giving something back can be highly rewarding for a number of reasons.

In many cases, this will also unlock the door to some very strong financial returns.

Change Sector

The truth of the matter is that your skills are probably transferable. So, if you’ve been left feeling a little jaded by the industry, you can always change things up. Moving from sport to media or science to medicine could be the key to finding your new passion.

The PlayBuzz Quiz can tell you which industry might appeal. However, you’ll probably want to do more research by asking friends or reading various online journals. After all, the next move is arguably the biggest decision of your business life. For that reason, you cannot afford to get it wrong. Conversely, getting it right will open the door to a far brighter future in all aspects of life.

With the energy of a new challenge and new surroundings, rediscovering the love of work should be easy.

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