5 Ways To Self-Critique And Improve In Business by

5 Ways To Self-Critique And Improve In Business

Something that we all need to have in life in order to improve is self-awareness. Sure, there are some brash people out there (some in huge and responsible positions) that will big themselves up and never talk themselves down – they are in the small minority, though. In order to constantly build on what we have, and to realize where we’re going wrong, we need to be able to look at ourselves and be realistic. 

This is a big part of creating, maintaining, and building on a business, too.

Whether you’re running a small business or a big one, you need to be able to be critical of yourself when you feel as though things are looking a little awkward. How can you do such a thing, though?

Some are able to do this easily, sure, but we don’t all have that awareness about our person.

Here are a few ideas for you if you feel as though you’re not quite one for self-critiquing:

Look At Statistical Analysis

You should always look at your numbers, but are you willing to look at ALL the stats that are available to you regarding ALL the sections of your business.

For instance, the social media interactions and impressions that your posts gather – these are pretty important. Instead of blindly and mindlessly posting stuff and hoping something takes off, you could look at what performed well and what performed horrendously. You’ll know next time what kind of angle you should be attacking.

Use Appropriate Software 

There are all kinds of software out there that can help you with self-assessments and critiquing. Various social media tools, and customer relationship management programs are around for you to sink your teeth into.

You could also use software that helps to manage business reviews – they’ll sort through the good and bad, and allow you to act accordingly. You can look at what’s being said and amend things to fit what people are looking for. 

Compare With Others  

Obviously, you should compare yourself with others all the time as that could drive you insane professionally and personally. Simply looking at how others operate wouldn’t be a bad idea, though. It’s not copying; it’s just seeing how you could be more efficient. If they’re doing more than you, then it can be humbling and educational at the same time.

Good Old Peer Reviews

Simply asking others in the game what they think about your work is a great idea.

It might seem very basic compared to the other options, but sometimes you just need to be told straight-up! If you gather enough information from various sources, you’ll be able to piece together what you need to do. 

Embrace Your Failures And Take A Look At Yourself

You WILL have done something wrong in the past.

You will have failed.

You may have failed miserably, or you may have only had a small blip.

The failures are out there, though. Instead of burying them, you should face up to them and allow yourself to learn from them.

It’s quite difficult to do as some people don’t like reliving the negative feelings, but it works out in the long-term. 

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