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6 Top Time Management Tips For Freelancers

Freelancing can be an excellent gig; it’s flexible and you’ll learn lots about your chosen industry. Having said this, when you’re trying to stay self-motivated, manage invoices, or hustle for work, there are some days that you might need a little help!

One of the most challenging things about being a freelancer is probably managing your time. With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few time management tips for freelancers!

Set a routine 

The flexibility of freelance work can sometimes lead to a lack of routine. While some might like this idea, when it comes to time management, it’s far easier to establish a routine.

Set yourself a schedule of your daily tasks, factor in breaks, and stick to the schedule. Your schedule could also include what time you wake up, and you should try to follow roughly the same routine each day. Doing so will mean that you get into a pattern and avoid procrastination. If you work remotely, it’s a good idea to use that no commute time to make an early start.

Often the early mornings are the times whereby you have the most energy and productivity (though not all agree)! 

Make use of apps & tools 

There is plenty of software out there which can make your life much easier as a freelancer. One great tool that’s available right now is Evernote; this is a note-taking tool which also allows you to write blog posts and collaborate with a team or client.

Evernote allows you to capture your ideas in pictures and voices as well as notes. If your a freelance writer, or your work involves writing or note-taking, this can be a great tool to make use of. Google docs is another excellent free tool that you can use to write, edit, and easily share documents. 

Stay on top of invoices 

If you want your time management to be on-point, then you have to stay on top of your invoices. Many freelancers end up wasting valuable time generating, editing, or chasing these up. The best idea is to opt for some freelance invoice management. Such services give you a way to create your invoices and to automate the way that you approach your clients for payments.

Sometimes, when clients have many freelancers, they can get a bit behind with their payments.  It’s better to have a way of automatically chasing your payments up. 

 Set deadlines 

When you are juggling multiple projects and clients, you need to set yourself deadlines. Your clients will set your project deadlines, but you will also want to set yourself shorter-term deadlines. These shorter-term deadlines can involve the smaller steps that you will take to complete each project. It’s important to set yourself goals so that your time management can flow smoothly. It’s best to use a journal or app that you write in daily. This can help you to keep on top of all your tasks and deadlines. You can also use a journal to record potential new jobs.

Don’t overstretch yourself 

Time management is as much about taking on the right amount of work than anything else. As a freelancer, you’ll be able to take on as much work as you like; however, you should ensure that you don’t overstretch yourself. When you give yourself too much to do, your time management will become impossible. When you end up missing deadlines, you’ll diminish your credibility. Be realistic with your projects, and if a client starts moving the goalposts and making unrealistic demands, don’t be afraid to say no. 

 Avoid distractions 

It can be harder to manage your time if you work from home, mainly because distractions are everywhere! The best thing to do is to put your smartphone away somewhere out of reach and only use it when you’re taking a break. Ensure that you write your breaks into your schedule so that you won’t be tempted to take too many throughout the day and fall behind. You could also look into using tools like StayFocusd; this is an extension for Google Chrome which can help you to reduce the time you spend on time wasting websites.

There are many perks of freelance work, but it also takes some independence and strategies to stay motivated! If you work from home, remember to take regular breaks to get out of the house. Doing so will help to boost your creativity and get you through the day! When you are creating your working space, ensure that it is clutter-free as this will help to boost your productivity. 

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