6 Ways To Increase Your Business Security by

6 Ways To Increase Your Business Security

So you’ve worked hard to create a successful business, you’re making money, and everything’s going well and then all of a sudden a security breach means that not only have you lost some money or data, but you’ve also lost credibility and the trust of your clients and customers. So this is absolutely something you do not want to happen, which means that it’s important that you don’t skimp on business security systems and you make sure that it’s a top priority. Here are six ways you can do that. 

Carry out a risk assessment

If you don’t know which areas of your business are vulnerable or what data you have that needs to be protected, you can’t properly secure it. Make sure you carry out a risk assessment to find out where your risks are and what you can do to limit them.  

Secure your premises

Often people forget that it’s not just cybersecurity now, you still need to protect the physical elements of your business. Do you have fitted window locks and security lighting to deter burglars? Do you have CCTV installed or an alarm? 

Implement Training

You could have all the security gadgets in the world, but if no one knows how to use them, then they may as well not be there. Make sure necessary security training is implemented and that everyone knows what to do in the event of a serious threat, whether physical or digital. It’s also vital that your employees know not to click on suspicious links or open attachments that could be viruses. Make sure that they are up to date with common scams and know what to do if they do receive something suspicious. 

Get Organised

While you should be organised in your business anyway, it’s important for the security of your business so that you know if anything unusual is going on if there are any discrepancies in your stock count.

Use Locked Cabinets

If someone does manage to get onto your premises and into your office then you need to protect what you have in there. Make sure you have locked any important documents in a secure cabinet. If you lose any confidential documents, then this can be detrimental to your business. Data breaches can ruin a company’s reputation and cause customers to lose trust in you. Make sure you do have virtual copies of everything backed up an off-site hard drive or in the cloud too so that you can always access them if you need to. 

Join a ‘business watch’.

Just like a neighbourhood watch scheme, there are also ‘business watch’ schemes you can join which can take some of the pressure off you as other people will be looking out for your business too. These organisations mean that business owners and property owners look after each other and will alert the police and other organisations or if they see any suspicious activity. It’s also a good idea to go to meetings about security and learn from others on how to best secure your business.

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