8 Ways To Get A Recruiters Attention In 2019 by

8 Ways to Get a Recruiters Attention in 2019

Whether you believe it or not, even the most successful professionals have once or often times been rejected for a job that they believed they were the best fit for. For a fact, no one enjoys the infinite silence that comes as after a job interview, or the “regret email”.

Nowadays getting a job is getting harder simply because the recruiter seeks to hire the person who impresses them a lot from CVs to interviews and the like.  

So how do you get a recruiter to sit up and give you the attention as a career seeker in 2019? Some job seekers hack it by using helpful templates to build their CV. A Brooklyn template being an excellent resume for the contemporary job seeker, it displays skills and experience professionally, with a modern twist. However, that’s not all there’s to have recruiters attention as there are additional sure tips on how to avoid being avoided by a recruiter.  

Establish A Relationship First

This is a tricky one. You know your next job has a gateman who is the recruiter. So how do you get to establish a relationship with them before showing them your CV?  

This is where your tenacity comes in. As much most recruiters don’t like getting unsolicited calls from candidates without seeing their CV first, they are however likely to chat with you if you call their direct line or the switchboard. Once you get this opportunity, it’s now time to initiate a meaningful connection with them.

Give Convincing Reasons Why

No recruiter would put you forward to a role at the expense of his/her job. If they send your CV to their client and it doesn’t quite impress them, this might adversely damage their reputation.

So bear in mind that a recruiter is not going to risk sending in a CV unless they’re absolutely sure you’re the Mr. Right for the job.

It’s up to you to give your recruiter the ammunition to fight your corner.

If it is possible to meet a recruiter personally the better: there’s only so much certainty they gain from hearing your voice. Show the recruiter that you’ve got an infectious personality and are ready to really shine in front of their client.

Give Figures And Facts

If you really want to grab recruiter’s attention, show them real figures about your past professional achievements. Let me explain.

If you say for instance, “when I was working with XYZ, I made consistent sale conversions

This statement gives a shallow picture of the achievement. The recruiter won’t know exactly to what extent you made sales conversions.

Instead, write something like this:

Write: “when I was working with XYZ, I successfully converted 45% of leads to sales.

You see, the next statement gives the recruiter a real mental picture to figure out. It helps him/her paint a richer picture of your experience and professional achievement. Then the recruiter would definitely want to transfer your experience to their client’s company.

Beat the Bots

If you’re not getting interview invitations, then your CV might be getting rejected by robots. Many companies have advanced in technology and have what is known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

The ATS function is to compare your resume to the job description, then pulls out the number of matching keywords. If you have carefully tailored you resume with right keywords, then you automatically outsmart the bots.

However, carefulness is needed when using keywords. If you don’t use them in proper context, this will make your resume get rejected by the system.

Get A Referral From The company

If you mention a connection with a friend from the company, chances are the recruiter will consider you fairly already part of the company. Recruiters believe that great talent knows great talent.

For example, if you say something like “Referred by Adam Mike in your Accounts Department”, that will surely grab their attention and quite possibly make you the first person to consider.  

Mention a Specific Role

You should research ahead of time to find out more about the jobs and firms the recruiter is working on. Currently, LinkedIn has you covered on how to find out more information on where you want to be employed.  

This information helps you to mention a specific job you’re interested in. Mention that role as your subject line.  Don’t just say things like ‘let’s connect’, ‘would love to work with you’ and the like. Always be sure to kill it with irresistible subject lines like “Expert Content Guru for your Content Strategist Role.”

Add Extra Value

Add any additional skills to your professional experience including transferable skills—Microsoft office skills, numeracy skills, research and analytical skills, teamwork, leadership skills etc.

While most job descriptions don’t ask for such skills, they are always a plus and usually grab the recruiter’s attention when properly put in your resume.

Be realistic

You don’t have to play know it all when pitching for your next job.

For example, don’t try to convince the recruiter that you have a friend who can drive you during sales trips simply because the position demands driving knowledge. This way, the recruiter would know that you’re truthful and realistic, a quality that gets recruiters impressed.

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