A Better Understanding Of Your Customers Will Lead To Business Success

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they want from you?
  • How can you keep them coming back to you?

All important questions, especially where business success is concerned.

If you don’t know who they are…

If you don’t know what they want…

If you don’t know how to win them to your side…

Then you are going to lose them, and in the process, face failure.

Understanding your customers is key if you want your business to succeed.

To get to know them better, you need to take the appropriate steps going forward.

This begins by to speaking your customers.

Human interaction matters, and you can find out a lot about the people you do business with by asking them questions, be that through a face-to-face conversation, or through telephone and social media communications. While this can be done on an informal level, you might also ask questions through a survey, asking them to take part so you can better tailor your service to them. Let them know your intent, and they should be only too glad to comply.

Customers are the key to everything -Dave GrayAnother way to gain an understanding of your customers is to use the information collected from your online business data.

There are all kinds of tools available to you, giving you the means to get inside your customer’s minds when they are doing business with you.

As examples, Google Analytics will paint an overall picture of how your customers interact with your business on your website; Google Webmasters will show you how your customers made it to your website in the first place, and Facebook Audience Insights will provide you with demographic data on those people who do business with you through this popular social media platform.

You can use the data acquired to learn more about your customers and their behaviour and then tailor your business accordingly.

Admittedly, analyzing data can be a complicated process, but outsourcing to an information management company is a good idea if you don’t have the time or the mindset to get to grips with the mass of information you have acquired.

You should also make use of the feedback or reviews your business acquires, be that on your website or through those other review platforms, such as Yelp.

  • Are your customers happy?
  • Have they made a complaint?

In both cases, ask yourself why.

What have you done to please/upset them?

Use their responses to help you tailor your business better, be that through doing more of what makes them happy, or by correcting any mistakes you may have made. And if possible, get in touch with the people who made these reviews, thank them for their feedback (even if it’s not pleasant), and ask them to elaborate on the points raised. You can then move forward with this information and act accordingly.

Never assume you know who your customers are or what they want.

To gain a better insight, use the advice we have given you here, using the information gathered to get a better understanding of the people doing business with you. When you better understand your demographic and their behaviour, the better your chances of business success when you take steps to adapt your business model to them.

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