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A Comprehensive Trade School Jobs List for After Your Graduation

Graduating from high school is a time of profound reflection. It implies taking control of your life and becoming part of “the real world”. The question is, though, where do you go from here? 

While this seems like a daunting question, it’s not an impossible one to answer. For instance, if college is not a path you want to take, there are a variety of types of trade schools out there with amazing career prospects. 

To give you a hand, we’ve prepared a trade school jobs list that will get you thinking about the right trade for you. 

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What’s a Trade School?

Before we begin, however, let’s just clarify what the difference is between trade school and four-year college. 

A trade school (aka vocational school/college, or technical school) is a post-secondary institution designed to educate students on technical skills for a specific career. 

Unlike four-year college, trade school graduation does not get you a bachelor’s degree but gets you certain trade school degrees, like a diploma or an associate’s degree. The type of degree you obtain depends on the nature of the trade and how long you desire to remain in education. 

When choosing the path that’s right for you, these are factors to consider.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Software Developer

Annual salary: (approx) 108K

How: Associates Degree

This role includes jobs like overseeing the creation and maintenance of computer and mobile applications, operating systems and directing programming specialist teams to ensure the building and improvement of applications. 


Annual salary: (approx) 56K

How: Apprenticeship

Electricians focus on the wiring of electrics like plug sockets, lighting, and communication systems for residential and commercial buildings. 

Licensed Practical Nurse

Annual salary: (approx) 59K

How: Certificate or diploma

This role involves providing basic care to patients as directed by physicians. Employers can vary from home health care agencies to hospitals.

Legal Assistant

Annual salary: (approx) 37K

How: Certificate or associate’s degree

This role is primarily to help attorneys not drown in their paperwork. Tasks can range from legal research, filing, scheduling meetings, interviewing witnesses, and trial preparation. Certain areas of this career may involve obtaining a bachelor’s degree. 

Dental Hygienist

Annual salary: (approx) 76K

How: Associate’s degree

A dental hygienist focuses on preventative dental care. Their wide knowledge of dental hygiene means that they educate patients about caring for their own oral hygiene. This also entails looking for signs and symptoms of issues that may need to be addressed by a dentist. 

This Trade School Jobs List Isn’t the End

The truth is; there is no definitive trade school jobs list because the options are so vast. 

Whether you want to do something generalized like a computer trade school or train to become something specialized like a Sonographer, the world is your oyster.  

If this list has whetted your appetite for post-high school life, why not keep searching for your passion and see if your career has its beginning in trade school.

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