A Home Office That Works For You - A Beginners Guide #NewToHR

A Home Office That Works For You – A Beginners Guide

For many, the opportunity to work from home is a huge step forward in their career. For others, working from home means that they can balance their work/homelife a little easier and take more of an active role if they still have little ones to look after.

Whatever your thoughts are on working from home one thing is certain; you’re going to need to create a productive and positive working space that helps bring out the best in your output and efficiency.

So before you start building your empire – check out this creative agency, Birmingham for more information on digital campaigns, web applications and the latest in mobile apps – start at the beginning and take a look at these 5 beginners tips on building a positive working space at home.

Declutter often and well

First things first…old plates, dirty mugs, sticky notes, letters, dust, rubbish, even the kids toys that have somehow managed to find their way onto your desk, they all need to be kept under control!

Clutter is extremely stressful and if you’re trying to work then it can really hamper your productivity and even your mood! So, make the effort every day before you settle down to work, to clear your work station and keep everything in its place. You can thank me later!

Get some natural light

Chances are you’ve worked in an office environment, which means you’ll know what I mean when I say that the lighting in office blocks is a little unforgiving and harsh.

Artificial light plays havoc with our body clocks and isn’t always great for our eyes or our productivity.

Make sure when you choose you workspace, that you have plenty of natural light to fill the room.

You won’t feel as trapped and a nice window to look out of will be a welcome distraction when you take a well-earned break.

Get comfortable

If you’re going to be sat at your desk for the majority of the day, then you’re going to need to invest in a good office chair.

Not only will an ergonomic chair be good for your back and your posture, but it’ll also keep your productivity levels high. So make sure you’re sitting comfortably!

Light exercise equipment

Believe it or not, having a few items of light exercise equipment is a real bonus in any office space.

Taking short breaks whilst you’re working and moving your body is the perfect way to reset your mind and help you refocus. Try some resistance bands, light weights or even a yoga mat to do some stretches or Pilates in between sessions at your laptop.

Dress for success

This is more of a personal tip, but it’ll help you all the same.

Working from home means that you can work all day in your PJs if you want to. But studies have shown that dressing for success can really boost your productivity and put you in the right frame of mind to succeed. So try to refrain from working in your dressing gown.

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