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A Quick Guide To Starting A Tattoo Parlor: Everything To Know

In the US, 36% of adults aged 18-29 have at least 1 tattoo. With this type of body modification becoming more and more mainstream, a career path in being a tattoo artist can be lucrative.

You can always pick up the trade and work at an existing parlor. But if you have more ambitious goals, you might be wondering about how to start your own business.

Here’s a quick guide to starting a tattoo parlor so you can make your dreams a reality!

Write Out Your Business Plan

Before you dive into things, you need to know exactly what your long-term business goals are and what it’ll take to make them happen. For example, you need to find out which location you want to set up shop in and how much rent will cost there. You’ll also want to make sure the area isn’t oversaturated with existing tattoo parlors, as it’ll be harder to build up your customer base if that’s the case.

In addition, you’ll want to figure out what your business expenses will be. These can be both one-off or ongoing expenses (such as cleaning supplies and ink).

Figure Out Your Prices

Once you know approximately how much you’ll spend on your tattoo parlor, you can then figure out how much to charge customers. You don’t want to overcharge since no one will want to come, but you don’t want to undercharge either, since you won’t make a profit.

Check out what local tattoo artists are charging and you can set your prices accordingly.

Set up and Register Your Business

When you’ve found a good place to rent, you can set up your business as either a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation. The last 2 prevent you from being personally liable if you’re ever sued.

You can then name your tattoo parlor and register to pay for state and federal taxes.

Get the Right Permits and Licenses

There are several permits and licenses you’ll need to get before you can legally operate. They’ll differ from state to state, and even locally, so make sure you check in with your local city hall to see exactly what you’ll need to get.

Purchase Equipment

You’ll need things like chairs, tattoo machines, ink, gloves, paper towels, etc. Make sure you get the latest tattoo equipment to provide the best service possible to your customers.

If you’re interested in hearing more about tattoo technology, then learn more here.

Hire Staff

Before you open, you need to hire staff for your tattoo parlor. You might want to hire other licensed tattoo artists if you feel like you’ll get enough foot traffic.

Even if you’re planning on tattooing on your own, you’ll still need a receptionist to answer calls, book appointments, and greet customers. So make sure you have staff in place before opening your doors!

Good Luck With Starting a Tattoo Parlor

Starting a tattoo parlor might’ve seemed like a pipe dream. But after reading this article, maybe you’ve realized it’s attainable after all. In that case, we wish you luck with starting your own business and that it’s successful!

To find out more about business operations, please check out more of our blog page!

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