Adapting To Lockdown: Is Your Business ‘Ah Ah Ah Stayin’ Alive..?

The FED is set to pump $3 trillion into the economy. The ECB is now lifting its usual bailout standards and the Bank of England has already been printing up to £330 billion. All of this stimulus is still far too little for some business owners. It’s sad to think that just last year some small businesses were thriving and now many of those same businesses are facing closure. This pandemic has brought the economy down to its knees.

However, just like every single survival situation, only the strongest will survive. But the way you do manage to come out of this is to fight smarter not harder.

Reaching customers directly

During this lockdown, people are staying home but that means they’re turning to their smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers for entertainment. It’s quite a remarkable moment in business history because it shows how modern technology has really made it so you never lose touch with customers.

Spread your discounts through automating sms messaging services. There’s a wide variety of companies that offer this type of service but lookout for a couple of main things. Make sure you can create your own keyword which is unique.

Using your brand name in the keyword will make your business stand out as opposed to needing a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. You should also be allowed to set the schedule for when your SMS messages are sent out. Studies show that between 9-am and 12-pm is the best time period to garner the biggest response.

New home delivery service

Businesses that would otherwise never employ a home delivery service, are needing to make one up fast!

Bakeries, fine dining restaurants, cake shops, and even pharmacies are having to hire drivers that will make deliveries. This is a great way to reach local customers directly. You can set up a delivery schedule so you can make these deliveries yourself. 

Create a notice on your website, telling customers how COVID-19 has affected you but what you’re going to try and do to carry on. A simple delivery policy would be…

  • Any orders before Friday will be delivered on the weekend.
  • However, any orders on the weekend will not be included.
  • Orders made on the weekend will carry over to next week.
  • Customers living inside a 3-mile radius get free delivery.

Hold live streams

We may not be able to greet each other in person, but you can still hold live streams to connect with your customers. Create a live stream schedule, such as 12-pm to 1-pm every Monday and Thursday.

During this 1-hour session, invite anyone to come in and ask you a question. Use a service like Instagram’s IGTV or YouTube as many people have accounts on either. Make sure you’re recording your face so people have the chance to see who you are and know that it really is you who they will be speaking with. 

Small business owners have to think of new ways to stay alive during this horrendous time. These solutions are easy to implement and give you direct access to your customers. 

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