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Agile Careers: How To Become A Scrum Master With No Experience

The Agile Methodology it taking over the business world. Over 71% of businesses have now adopted this way of managing their projects. 

It makes sense therefore that if you are looking to make that next step in your career, a move towards one of the agile roles is the most tempting. But where do you start? 

The good news is you can break into the agile marketplace even with no experience in their specific roles. 

Keep reading to learn how to become a scrum master at any stage of your career, with any level of experience. 

From Project Manager to Scrum Master

Agile does not have a role for the project manager but don’t fear, there are other roles that you can look to transition into. The one that may be closest to your current role might be the project owner, but one of the most important roles in an agile development team, and perhaps best suited to an ambitious project manager is that of Scrum Master. 

It is a role that has many similarities, but at the same time comes with many differences on a deeper level that make the role challenging, interesting, and more rewarding. 

How to Become a Scrum Master With Not Agile Experience

Experience is always something people claim they want, and for many, it is a reason why they don’t apply for many jobs that sit outside their current role or function. 

However, moving over into the IT sector is desirable for many, and yes it is often financially rewarding. It is important to understand that being a Scrum Master is all about leadership and maintaining control. Remember, we said that it is not the same as a project manager when you look granularly at the role, but many of the basic requirements and work ethic components are there. 

Get your Scrum Master Certification. 

This is an important first step in your move. While experience can be earned through doing the role, you will ideally want to show your desire for growth by getting your Scrum Master certification. 

You can get your certification from several locations, including this center of training. The course is one or two days and will give you all of the basic principles you will need for the role. 

Take the Lead

Being a Scrum Master is about being a leader. You need to know what is going on, what is going smooth and what is not. You must keep an eye on the horizon and look out for anything that could detail the project.

Scrum Masters Like Things Small

The core element of your mindset that will need to change as you transition from the project management role into that of Scrum Master is scaling. 

Project Managers loves things to be big and pic. Large projects are fun and keeping everything running is a challenge. Scrum Masters want to keep things small. From the story sizes to team sizes. Multiple stories and multiple teams is not an issue. But small manageable pieces of work are what is best, both for the team, the scrum master, and the Agile way. 

Perseverance is Key to Being a Good Scrum Master

Understanding how to become a Scrum Master without experience is fine, understanding that you need to be proactive and go get your Scrum Master certification is great. 

Understanding that you need to be patient and that this is a highly sought after role, is crucial. Keep pushing, and keep fighting because Agile teams need good strong scrum masters, and if you want it enough, you will get the role you desire. 

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