Become A Certified Expert In Your Field

Being a certified expert makes it much easier to gain people’s trust. If you’re running a business, it could help you to attract customers. If you’re trying to land a job at a big company, it could help you to get hired. Here are just a few ways in which you prove to others that you’re an expert in your field.

Earn the right qualifications

The most effective way to prove to others that you’re an expert is to earn relevant qualifications in your field. This could include anything from a French degree to an electrical license, depending on what you want to become an expert in. Some people take additional courses to further boost their credibility (such as a nutritional qualification and sports physiotherapy qualification to accompany a personal training qualification).

Not everyone gets on with education, despite having the brains. Some people may find that exam nerves prove a barrier – in these cases, it could be worth practicing lots of past papers and mock tests at sites like Uworld, LLC to help you overcome your fear of the exam process. You could also look into hiring a personal tutor to help you with exam skills.

Publish articles/studies/books

Another way to prove yourself an expert is to publish written texts that demonstrate your knowledge. This could involve submitting an article to credible publication, publishing your own study or writing an entire book on a subject that matters to you. Being able to claim that you’ve published written works on a subject is a great way to show that you’re an expert.

Host a seminar

You could also consider giving a seminar on a topic of your choice. Seminars are opportunities to share your knowledge with a group and prove yourself as a teacher. You may also be able to find third party events to publicly speak at and further improve your reputation as an expert. After all, public speaking takes a lot of confidence – telling people that you’ve spoken at events is likely to make them assume that you’re confident enough to know what you’re talking about.

Get interviewed by publications/radio

You could also try to score interviews with publications and radio shows. This can help you to appear as a celebrity in your field – only noteworthy people get interviewed after all.

Setting up an interview may involve reaching out to various publication and radio stations. You could even consider using a PR company to help you score an interview.

Encourage others to endorse you

If other people endorse your skills, it could further show evidence that you are an expert. Try to encourage happy customers to leave reviews of your service. You can also encourage associates to endorse you on sites like LinkedIn, in which people can literally ‘endorse’ skills.   

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