Building An App For Your Accounting Company by

Building An App For Your Accounting Company

B2B is booming in 2019. With more startups being created, more of them survive their first two years and more consumers entering into the middle-class, you’re swimming in an ocean of opportunities. Micro, small and medium-sized businesses don’t usually have their own accounting software or even accounting service. Most are trying to do everything themselves but they’re also looking for an ‘out’. They don’t want to handle their accounting and if they had a choice, they would rather hand it over to a company like yours. But what’s stopping them?

Fear of losing control. How do business owners know you’re on the ball, how can they keep in touch, how can they track everything you’re doing?

Through an app, of course! 

Enter the cloud

Before you begin drawing your blueprint, know that everything has to exist and work from the cloud. The cloud system will allow your clients to access their accounts from anywhere.

They can also switch from desktop computers, to tablet, to a smartphone without any hitches. Everything they need is still available to them and not blocked off due to their device of choice. Thanks to the cloud, all changes and additions to your customers’ accounting are saved on all devices at the same time.

Essentially, it makes your app universal and thus more accessible. When accessibility increases, so do customer intrigue. You’re also not limiting yourself to one particular browser, dramatically increasing your consumer pool.

Decentralized design

Don’t force desktop users to download your app!

This cannot be stressed enough. Apps in the Google App Store aren’t always the most attractive because they force the user to download them onto their Chrome browser. This limits the amount of exposure you have, and the number of people that will be interested.

Better, to have a decentralized design that doesn’t require your users to download the app. Instead, they can access their accounts on your website. Keep it simple. The added benefit of this is, you can update your app without the need for your customers to have their version updated on their browser. It cuts the red tape and keeps the customer and business interactions fluid.

The bespoke route

Apps really shine when it comes to mobile platforms. Tablets, computers, and laptops may have more functional properties but most people agree, apps are made for phones. Going the bespoke mobile app development route is the best course for a business that wants to offer its customers the ability to access and use your accounting software at any moment.

The app will be available on both iOS and Android phones. The reason you should invest in such an app is that your customers may be on a flight and they want to check their quarterly performance. They might want to check their taxes or perhaps pay employees for the month. 

Accounting software is crucial for small businesses to keep track of their finances. However, it’s the main way entrepreneurs pay their employees and pay their taxes as well. So, creating an app that is available on all browsers and devices is key. 

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