Christmas Tech Gigs- Must-Know Support Tips

Christmas Tech Gigs- Must-Know Support Tips

Christmas is the time of the year when everyone travels home for holidays. Now that you’re the only technical person in the house, relatives turn a keen eye towards you for getting some tech support. Even if not too technically advanced, you have much more knowledge than at least turning on your computer. The less tech-minded relatives might depend upon you for fixing their gear. If you’re on a helping hook, then save yourself some time and make things go smooth. These tips are sure to let you spend less time fixing the gear so that you’re in a position to enjoy your vacations!

Well, read on to find how and thank us later:

Update macOS:

The experts recommend keeping your operating system up-to-date at all times. But, resist updating it on the very first date of a new version release. macOS and Windows have a bundle of security updates that come with new-fangled features and bug fixes. Thus, an up-to-date system is an effective and easiest way of keeping a computer safe.

All you’ve to do is find out the version on which your Mac runs and upgrade if it seems necessary. You can read more about the up-gradation process by reading the instructions. Updating your Mac will expose you to a world of benefits- new features and fast performance.

Invest in Antivirus software:

Antivirus software reduces the risk of malware and computer viruses. Exposure to such threats compromises your personal information, which can leave making your device unusable. People use the internet at sky-levels, and there’s no better time to invest in adequate antivirus software than holidays.

After installing the software, consider running a full scan. Doing so will detect existing infections. If you encounter device infections, disconnect it from the internet, shut it down, and contact an IT professional asap.

Check passwords:

Over 90% of the tasks we undertake comprise using the internet. People tend to use the same passwords for many sites. Thus, it becomes vital to check the stealing of passwords. Use some software to check if an email address or password for any online account is under a compromise. Study some online resources and follow the instructions to dwell in tranquility.

Clean it up:

Browser extensions can be helpful, but they can make your system slow and less secure. In the worst-case, it can also spy on your activities. Also, consider removing all the unused apps as they can threaten your security because they often forget updating them. The junk files and apps take up the hard drive space and slow down the computer to unexceptional levels.

Thus, removing all the unnecessary apps tends to make the computer secure, increase the hard drive space, and make it perform faster.

Final Thoughts on Family Tech Support:

It is always fun to be around family and friends to witness the Christmas ticking bells. Use your tech knowledge and ensure that their devices are backed up, clean from malware, and up-to-date. Now that you’ve done this; walk back to the relaxing and overindulging sessions- until the next relative knocks on your door for a quick favor. Till then, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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