Consider These Tips For Boosting Staff Morale During A Pandemic by

Consider These Tips For Boosting Staff Morale During A Pandemic

The corporate world continues to reel from the shockwaves of the Covid-19 pandemic. Both management and employees are still getting used to the new routine of working from home or limited working hours in the office. However, the need to maintain workplace culture and morale is high up on the to-do list. Remaining positive in the light of all the adjustments and compromises that have had to be made cannot be stressed enough. Finding new and creative ways to boost staff morale will go a long way to propel the success of any business.

Happy and motivated employees will lead to increased efforts to meet targets. Here are a few successful tips.

Provision of primary preventive amenities

As directed by the Covid-19 protocols, nose masks and hand sanitizers are the necessary preventive measures to curb the spread. Also, provide infra-red thermometers at all entrances and ensure that everyone has their temperature taken. If the pandemic has forced your business to relocate to smaller premises, look for a space designed to ease stress and promote staff wellbeing. For example, if you work in the healthcare industry and you are looking for a medical office space for lease, consult a reputable agent who will understand your design and wellbeing requirements. As an employer, it would help if your Human Resources department could also offer counseling services that encourage your employees to express themselves when feeling overwhelmed.

Do not overwhelm employees

Studies show that an uncertain climate in the business world creates insecurities, which can cause employees to feel overwhelmed and consequently, lower productivity. As an employer, it is your job to reassure your employees of their security. If possible, reduce their workload because, with all the pressure and anxiety that’s weighing them down, they may falter at tasks.

Increase communications

In such trying times, one thing that everyone is on the lookout for is information. Keep your employees in the loop by increasing your communication with them. Let them know what you are up to and how you are ensuring their safety and job security. Talk to them about the measures you are putting in place to prevent an outbreak in the office or how to get them back into the office. You can only offer the best solution to fix the concerns of your staff when you know what they actually are.

Don’t micromanage

This is a huge challenge for employers as you would want to be in control of everything. But during this pandemic, it will only put more pressure on the employees, and that is not likely to yield any good results. Try your best to control what you need to and leave the rest. Also, allow the employees to take initiative and work within their space.

Celebrate wins

Working from home makes it more challenging to celebrate wins, such as an offer acceptance, closed deals, or complete projects. However, every single success is worth it and calls for a celebration. Celebrate in style and make it fun. Get the whole gang together on a video conference and have fun because hard work needs to be recognized and rewarded.

In the long run, boosting employee morale during this pandemic will be beneficial to the entire organization as the staff will be happier and more productive. 

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