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What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Because corporations are becoming so large and have such a strong impact on local communities, many are investing in better practices so as to aid their local societies by sharing their success.

The entire movement is what is considered responsible business practice and supports the community as a whole, fostering the idea of continual growth through investment.

By aiding local environment and social events, the surrounding area prospers, bringing increased revenue to the businesses that exist there. While this is purely voluntary, many companies support this practice because of its proven results.

Starting back in the 1960’s, corporate responsibility began as a way for companies to monitor their own practices, providing another level of protection against fraud.

Today, it is most commonly referred to when donating to charities, aiding local events and otherwise supporting education, housing, welfare and the arts in a given area.

Recently, many have also used it in regards to more environmentally friendly practices. While much of it also deals with internal auditing and has a long list of opponents and proponents, the external results are rarely attacked.

The practice of the notion is very simple and can be pursued by any size of business.

If it is a small group with little money to spare, investing heavily in volunteer operations with your employees is the perfect way to help the community directly and meet the people that make up the city. With money to spare, invest in programs that hold your ideals. For instance, if you make products for children, investing in non-profit events for kids or sponsoring such events are great ways to give back to those that help keep the business alive. It is a direct way to thank your customers.

As a leader, developing this method of responsibility can be hard, especially when profit margins are tight and employees do not want to volunteer on their days off.

You need to set the example, and you need your other managers to set the example as well. Only by doing will you develop a system that communicates to employees what qualities comprise leadership at your business.

This is not a case where you can order an employee to do something. You must lead by doing if you hope to make any progress.

Leadership and corporate social responsibility are intertwined.

You cannot have one without the other as the leaders are the ones that implement the change.

Know what your employees would find beneficial, know what your customers would find beneficial and start building a company that donates either its time or money toward thanking the community through action. With such support and dedication, you will grow the society around you, aiding in the growth of your own company. It is a sure investment in the future.

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