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Creating Rockstar Content: Blog VS Article Writing

Are you looking for ways to create rockstar content for you or a client’s website?

Articles and blog posts are both great ways for you to deliver high-quality content for people visiting a website.

Although an article and a blog post are both forms of written content, they are also quite different too. 

Read on to learn more about the key differences between blog vs article writing!

Blog Posts Promote SEO

A blog post can be an effective way for your website to promote search engine optimization (SEO)

In short, SEO is a form of web marketing that helps your website rank higher in search engine results to drive web traffic your way.

Blog posts can help you improve SEO because they are written so that they include keywords and other optimized phrases for the topics they cover. 

Those keywords and phrases are included so that search engines will identify them and help your website to rank higher for searches performed about that topic.

Blog Posts Are (Often) Shorter

Blog posts are typically shorter than a written article because a blog post is meant to deliver information in a fun and unique way.

The length of a blog post depends on the intricacy of a topic and what the writer is seeking to accomplish. For example, if you are writing a blog post about a difficult topic, your post may be longer than one covering a simpler topic.

Your blog post’s length will also be impacted by the target audience for your readership.

If your target market is composed of one with a shorter attention span, you may choose to keep things shorter so that the reader does not lose interest.

You should read this blog post to learn more about these key differences between blogs versus article writing!

Articles Are More Structured

Articles are usually written to be more structured and formal than blog posts.

For example, an article is a more traditional form of writing when compared to a blog post. While blog posts may include a quote from someone else, articles often feature quotes from others as part of the research for that piece. 

Articles are typically longer than blog posts because the author has wider latitude to cover the subject matter more broadly than a blog writer.

Articles Do Not Include Keywords

Unlike blog posts, articles do not include keywords and are not written with as much focus on SEO and driving web traffic.

Since an article is a more traditional form of writing about a subject, they can be a dryer way to deliver a message or idea when compared to a blog post.

Blog authors tend to write their posts in a way that makes their subject matter more fun for a reader! 

Wrapping Up: Blog vs Article Writing

When you comparing blog vs article writing it’s important to remember that there are pros and cons to both forms.

While blog posts have become synonymous with SEO and building a website, articles are also published to web pages to help bring them to life. 

Before you begin authoring a blog or a traditional article, you should consider what you seek to accomplish with the written content. This will help you decide whether you should choose one form of writing over another!

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