Creating Your Own HR Opportunity

Interview with Racquel Shaw, who graduated with a MHRM, she worked in a variety of people operations internship roles and volunteering jobs. All these demanding jobs taught her how to resolve customers’ problems, discover their needs and exceed their expectations.

It taught Racquel to be versatile, prepared and considerate of the needs of those around her – a true New To HR professional!

Despite unemployment pressures, she tirelessly sought to prepare herself for different ways of entrepreneurship and always continued to learn. Racquel has excellent communication skills, which are vital in any HR career and she would relish the opportunity to work for an small/international company. However in the meanwhile, she has started her own HR Consultancy for charities and NGO’s.

Businesses are constrained by a lack of talent.

We need our organisations to be a better reflection of the demographics of the communities and societies they serve! Balance with regard to women and minorities is the most obvious dimension of this challenge and, with more women graduating than men, the loss of women from the workforce at all levels is a huge waste.

Creating workplace cultures where all people have the confidence and leadership skill to get the best from their workforces will be better for all of us. The talent pipeline does not just start somewhere in the middle levels of management: it starts at school!

We all need to do more to encourage (young) women into more diverse roles and careers, and help break down job stereotypes.

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