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Cutting Out The Cubicle: Creating Privacy In A Busy Workplace

A busy workplace is par for the course in most offices these days. After all, from our perspective, it means that the company is thriving, but we want our employees to have that focus on their tasks as if there is no one else around. This can be a very difficult thing to achieve. So, privacy, or at very least, the notion of it, becomes an essential component. How can we achieve this in a busy working environment?

A Secluded Space

We don’t want to have to go down the route where the cubicle desk reigns supreme, meaning that employees cannot even communicate, but you want to have an area where people can go and work on their own in private quarters if necessary.

As these spaces are usually in the form of a little meeting room in the middle of an office, and it tends to be that these glass cases are so transparent that everybody can see in, which doesn’t lend itself well to privacy at all! Perhaps instead implementing commercial window tinting to create that barrier between the meeting room and the rest of the office gives people an opportunity to focus without distraction.

The Notion Of Privacy

If we have a very busy office environment, depending on the caliber of the employee, they could find themselves struggling to hear themselves over the noise. What can prove beneficial for employees that struggle to focus is a few simple apps. There were programs online that can encourage focus, such as binaural beats. And this requires the user to have a pair of headphones, and the volume loud enough so that the external sound is drowned out, and if the binaural beats are pre-tuned to into a specific frequency that aids concentration, this can improve focus for everybody.

There are websites like MyNoise that have an abundance of options to eat focus, from binaural beats to Gregorian chants. And while the cynical among you may think that this doesn’t help at all, you need to experience it for yourself. If you struggle to focus because of external background noise, you need these sorts of programs in your life.

The More Obvious Option…

It can be very difficult to achieve privacy, but by having your employees work from home on occasion, this may prove to be a good balance so that they can feel focused enough to get their work done. This may detract from the overall environment, but if you have a business that’s such a distracting entity, and there’s a lot of noise, it’s important to create that environment that aids privacy, as well as collaboration.

It’s not an easy thing to get right, but if you can implement remote working, this could prove to be the game changer for your business if you lack in productivity on occasion.

To create this idea of privacy, it’s not just about getting the work done, but it’s about giving your employees that feeling they’re not being watched all the time. This can aid productivity and make them a better employee.

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